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(Why we need all this info, and what do we do with it?)

“This form equals a full DJ application for use of our DJ forum and use of our shop offers. We will need an authorization that you are an active and professional DJ, where, what and when exactly you spin to rate your activity as a DJ. Not everybody will get approved, and the more complete info we get, the higher your chance to get approved.

Also, we ask you to let us know, when you change or end your DJ profession. On top of that we want to know what music you prefer spinning (Future Pop, Hellectro, Oldschool EBM, etc.), so we know how to relate to your evaluation (for instance: an outspoken Oldschool EBM DJ not liking Auto Aggression might not be such a surprise).

Dependent fully respects your privacy and will only use any of the data for anything else but the abovementioned purpose. Dependent will only personally store this data, and NOT transfer, sell or give it to any third party EVER, neither for commercial for nor promotional purposes. We don’t like Spam or privacy rights infringements, and we won’t support it."

If you have any additional questions, please contact us here.

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