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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind091

Release Date: 2005-05-30

available as Download and CD



1. Tape Evidence 04:50
2. Certainty 05:22
3. Lament for Lost Dreams 05:40
4. Machine Run 05:14
5. Loyalty 05:15
6. Sun and Storm 04:25
7. Out of Time 04:52
8. Dead End 06:10
9. The Dream 05:40
10. Reflections 05:34
11. Between Worlds 05:10
12. Escape 06:57




"An album with vision, brains and class!" - Sonic Seducer (06/2005)

"Tip of the Month!" - Zillo (06/2005)

"CD-Tip of the Month (June)! 10/10!" - Orkus (06/2005)

"Too atmospheric for the ringtone generation and too fantastic for those who spend their weekends afraid of getting stuck on a trip, Dreamweb contains a unique sort of music that I can equally imagine hearing at gigantic discotheques, sophisticated yuppie lounge spots, at home and in the car (roof optional, but always with a clear view to the stars). The occasional breakbeats and sampled guitars strengthen rather than destroy the pop appeal. All in all a typically high-quality release from Dependent and one of the most important electro releases of the year 2005. Judging from the professional image (Web site, album cover), this is one name that won't be an underground tip for much longer." Manegold