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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind132

Release Date: 2007-10-26

available as Download and CD


Mindless Faith - "Bound" (Live)
[Opening for Skinny Puppy at Gothicfest in Steenwijk, Holland, on July 30, 2010]


A lethal dose of dark electronics and industrial anthems, laced with heavy beats and charged vocals. In the shadows of Washington DC and its criminal regime, Mindless Faith returns with Medication for the Misinformed - a lethal dose of dark electronics and industrial anthems, laced with heavy beats and charged vocals. After years of war and campaigns of misinformation, it is still politics as usual in the "land of the free". The media is still for sale and the citizen-consumers are still prey to the trappings of pop opiate of the masses who don't even realize they're addicts. But the images on the screen are only a placebo, if not a poison. Against this mindless status quo, Medication for the Misinformed is a musical shot in the arm and a socially-provocative slap in the face. says the sound is "all power, fury, and drive," even when elements of world music, ambient, and trance are fused into the industrial-strength mix of noise, distorted synths, and abrasive guitars. To the extent that such diversity crossed into schizophrenia on previous releases, Mindless Faith have worked these different elements into a cohesive framework and trademark sound on Medication for the Misinformed. Reviews are starting to come in, especially in the German magazines where Medication for the Misinformed has been called "a varied and thrilling piece of work which you should listen through from beginning to end" (Zillo) and "a perfect mix of power and atmospheric tightness and the most impressive Electro-Industrial import in years." (Negatief) Mindless Faith's third full length CD, Momentum, was released in 2004 to North America on Metropolis Records and in Europe on Dependent Records, where it debuted at #7 on the DAC - German Alternative Charts.

Medication For The Misinformed

1. Bound 05:38
2. A Blind Spot In Every Eye 03:55
3. Im Pretty Much Fucked 05:12
4. The Dust Of Centuries 03:54
5. Red Lines 03:52
6. Darkhall 04:51
7. Another Empire Falls 02:26
8. Down Here 06:40
9. Tell 04:54
10. The World Behind The World 03:55
11. Independence Day 05:90
12. Bullet 06:18


Medication For The Misinformed...


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