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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind200

Release Date: 2013-03-15

available as Download and CD


Automation Baby

1. Just Leave Us Alone  
2. Taken For Granted  
3. You Want Whats Owed To You  
4. Automation Baby  
5. AB Incidental No.1  
6. This Is The Time  
7. The Way I Feel  
8. Adjust Your Set  
9. Born To Lie  
10. AB Incidental No.2  
11. Flawless  
12. Never Meet Your Heroes  
13. When The City Breathes  
14. You Couldn’t See This Coming  




It’s much like re-acquainting oneself with a dear old friend every time Mesh puts out a new album. Few bands retain such a pleasant atmosphere. Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn stay firmly in comfort zone on “Automation Baby” and fans will have a hard time resisting the power of the vibrant songs on it.One might argue that not much have changed in the Mesh camp. But it needs to be said that no one in the scene does it better

Reflections of Darkness

'Automation Baby' shows MESH at a peak in their career. It is the perfect blend of what defined them back in the days and what is today. It all results in a modern and clearly not one-dimensional electro pop sound that other bands would kill for.

Peek a boo

After a few sessions I can say this album is a major hit! It has the energy, it feels sad when needed, angry when needed... It all feels so true and to conclude this intro: sounds like we all would love that the new Depeche Mode would sound like! I know from the first time I saw Mesh on stage that some people were saying it was a Depeche Mode rip-off, but the rip-off nowadays sounds better than the original... Mesh is after this album for sure delivering already one of the best albums of this year!