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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind202

Release Date: 2012-11-02

available as Download and CD



It is not often that the veteran industrial label Dependent signs an album, months after it has been originally released in another territory. Actually, in the 14 year old history of the label, it has never happened at all. This hints that the new Dependent signing CHRYSALIDE must be something special, as the album had been released in France in late 2011 already.

Due to the extraordinary quality of the album “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” CHRYSALIDE managed to launch a slow burning sleeperhits in France and soon found as rare US license partner, as well as Dependent now handling the rest of Europe. Additionally CHRYSALIDE is one of the very few bands that manage to project their harsh electronics and vocals onto stage in a believable manner that really does their music justice. No wonder they had the ability to play a handful of key shows in Germany even before the album was officially released.

The French trio CHRYSALIDE is an exception in the industrial genre, as they manage to combine elements of Hiphop and Dubstep with harsh and noisy industrial music and vocals. Although leaning onto pioneers like Skinny Puppy or Velvet Acid Christ, CHRYSALIDE manage to create a unique and believable wall of aggression on their record. Unlike their Canadian Inspiration the CHRYSALIDE sound is more based on drums, grooves and rhythmic guitar samples than on samples, strings and sequencing chaos. It becomes noticeable that there is a full generation separating the Young CHRYSALIDE from the likes of Skinny Puppy. Equipped with this heavy load of electronics drums, and distorted vocal mayhem.

But not only the sound design steers clear of simple categorizations, also the bands album topics of globalization, European economy, and the effect of a vicious financial market onto the yet helpless individual shows that CHRYSALIDE prefer their samples and lyrics way off the beaten path. Summarizing its qualities, “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About life” is not only a vindicating statement against preset sounds and old-school styles, but also a manifest of true musical and artistic authenticity.

CHRYSALIDE don’t look like one of the revelations in this scene in 2012, they are probably THE REVELATION of this year.

There will be two versions of “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” on the Dependent label, a regular CD edition and a very limited Double-CD collectors edition, containing preciously unreleased bonus tracks.

Donīt Be Scared, Itīs About Life

1. Whoīs Still Alive  
2. Traders Must Die  
3. Cybernetic Babies  
4. I Do Not Divert Eyes  
5. Anger Is A Show  
6. Fucking Doubt  
7. Let The Bombs Fall  
8. Letīs Talk About This During Dinner  
9. Lizzie And The Charming Prince  
10. Not My World  
11. Give Me Something Stronger  
12. The Last Candle  
13. Gemini  
14. They Won't Get Us (Heart Is My Resistance)  
15. 2010  
16. LoveTape  
17. Rest In Silence My Friend  



"`Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´ is the most unique and complex album I’ve heard all year. In fact, Chrysalide may be the next wave of genius for music everywhere."
- Coma Online

"It’s a pretty good album, suffering slightly from being a bit too long and screamish. But then again, how else to express your disgust with society?"

- Peek-A-Boo Magazine

"Outsiders will point their finger at the immediate comparisons with Skinny Puppy, but where SP have become a washed out parody of their former selves, Chrysalide sound fresh and new with Oghr-ism’s spat out with rejuvenated gusto. There’s no doubt as to where immediate influences lay once the ‘Last Rites’ barrage of “I Do Not Divert Eyes’ and ‘Fucking Doubt’ kick in, teetering on the edge of plagiarism; then again, who cares when its so well done?"

- Black Audio

"An avalanche of noisy digicore, industrial hip hop, and twisted breaks for fans of Skinny Puppy, Atari Teenage Riot & MSI"

- Music Non Stop

"... cyber-punks driven by industrial adrenaline. Some vague reminiscences of Ministry might appear now and then, but Chrysalide is much more diversified. Electronic parts sometimes become more noticeable while other cuts reveal epic parts. The rhythms can even move on the edge of pure hard-core while some songs result in a sort of controlled wall of noise. Further comparisons will for sure lead us to Skinny Puppy, but the Chrysalide sound is much more complex and hard to catch."

- Side-Line

"Chrysalide’s `Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´ is everything good Industrial music is about. Harsh, aggressive, melodic, scary and raw. If you dig that style of music, and bands like Skinny Puppy or Combichrist, definitely pick up a copy of `Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´."
- Headfullofnoise