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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind198

Release Date: 2012-09-14

available as Download and CD



It‘s been over 20 years since Bryan Erickson founded the electro-industrial project Velvet Acid Christ, reknowed for its virtuosic and unique use of vocal samples and electronic effects. Based in Denver, Colorado, VAC-mastermind Bryan Erickson is no stranger to controversy, but both fans and critics alike can agree on one point: in contrast to the legions of „I‘m so evil“-posers in the electro scene, Erickson is the real deal, steadfastly pursuing his own artistic vision without regard for trends past or present.
His latest masterpiece "Maldire“ is no exception: „In September 2012 the world will be assaulted by an audio force that promises to make your ears bleed", says Bryan Erickson, "the day will go down in infamy because VAC has returned to its evil roots of electronic dance music.“

With artwork from Seven (Quartiert Macabre), “Maldire” will be available in a strictly REGULAR edition - no limited pressings, singles or gimmicks, just a strong 11 track album.
With a mood ranging from haunting to threatening, the core of album is dedicated to the Northern European witchhunts and can be viewed as VAC’s ode to old Norse Paganism.
On “Maldire” Bryan Erickson completely eschews the acoustic elements of the last VAC album “The Art Of Breaking Apart” and returns Velvet Acid Christ to its darkelectro roots, best known from successful VAC albums like “Calling Ov The Dead” and “Fun With Knives”.


1. Evoked  
2. Septic Rinse  
3. Bend The Sky  
4. Wasted  
5. Hyper Curse  
6. Ominous Rattle  
7. Maldire  
8. Inhale Blood  
9. Christ Whore  
10. Dream Curse  
11. Mysteric  



"The album is likely to be one of those which can bridge listeners into becoming Velvet Acid Christ fans and re-enforce the long-standing interest of those who are already a fan. While it is not an essential of the genre, nor will it probably ever be an important part of it, Maldire is definitely one of the better dark electronic albums to have come out over the last few years and will represent an important part of Velvet Acid Christ’s growth for the future."
- Sputnik Music

"9/10 points. A collection of very strong songs and all the virtues that made VELVET ACID CHRIST popular in the 1990s are there. The dark and sinister madness of 'Maldire' is captivating, the atmosphere of this work sucks you in and as an album 'Maldire' is quite coherent so that it is a pleasure to listen to it from start to finish."
- Reflections Of The Darkness

"With a project being around for over 20 years, `Maldire´ really strike with a bright and refreshing light into the genre. Velvet Acid Christ seems better than ever and probably this is a new beginning from an act that’s been around for so long."
- Blackvector

"Erickson has yet again filled his album to the brim with sinister darkness and tortured wrath, packaging it perfectly with thrilling, disturbing music. It’s beautiful, it’s horrible, and it’s Velvet Acid Christ at its very best."
- Necromag UK

"9/10 Points. `Maldire´ has been announced as a kind of ‘go back’ to the darker ideas of VAC. `Maldire´  became a very sophisticated and complex work featuring dark atmospheres, icy and aggressive sequences, fine bleeps, carrying synth lines and spooky vocals. ... Did Bryan Erickson surpass himself on `Maldire´? I think it simply reveals the genius of this musician who for sure has achieved one of his most accomplished releases to date!"
- Side-Line

Velvet Acid Christ - "Maldire"    [Official Video]