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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind192

Release Date: 2012-01-27

available as Download and CD



Septic X

1. SKOLD - Suck (Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix)  
2. Patenbrigade: Wolff - Maurerradio (Extended Version)  
3. Radical G - Lucifer (Long Version)  
4. KMFDM - Go To Hell (Cervello Elettronico Remix)  
5. Edge Of Dawn - Red Bank  
6. Dismantled - Disease (VF Remix)  
7. Acretongue - Oblivion (Abeyance)  
8. Imperative Reaction - Side Effect (Club Version)  
9. Volt 9000 - How To Start A War (Original Version)  
10. Legacy Of Music - Tragedy featuring MESH  
11. Angels On Acid - Epitaph (V2)  
12. Ghost & Writer - Gambit (Septic Version)  
13. Diskonnekted - Yesteryears (Septic Edit)  
14. System Syn - Absence  
15. Mindless Faith - Next To Last (Septic Mix)  
16. Crash Course In Science - No More Hollow Doors  


Septic X...

Dependent has been releasing instalments of the SEPTIC compilation for twelve years running. Personally compiled by Dependent president Stefan Herwig, the series focuses on creating new hits rather than compiling existing ones.
Comprised of equal parts unsigned bands and established acts, the SEPTIC tracklist represents rare and unreleased material judged by Dependent to have maximum clubhit potential: the SEPTIC series has helped bands like VNV Nation, Retrosic, SITD, Seabound, Pride And Fall and Schwefelgelb achieve their iconic status in the clubs.
Volume number ten in this series, "SEPTIC X" once again combines a wealth of fresh sounds from all corners of the scene together with several big names. For everyone who has been drowning in the sea of MySpace and Facebook mediocrity, "SEPTIC X" will shine like a beacon of exceptional quality.



"Sampler of the Month"
- Sonic Seducer

"Compilation of the Month"
- Orkus Magazine

"like its predecessors, the 10th installment supplies a selection of tracks guaranteed to rock dancefloors and excite fans"
- Re-Flexion

".. overall quality .. 9 / 10 points"
- Reflections Of Darkness

"SEPTIC X turns the heat up: with a mix of big names from the Electro/EBM/Industrial scene alongside fresh new talent, there's a lot to discover here. Nice to see some things can still deliver the goods twelve years on! A must-have for all fans of intelligent electronic music. 10/10 points. "

- Orkus Magazine