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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind188

Release Date: 2011-10-28

available as Download and CD



Founded in the Canadian capital of Ottawa in 2005, Encephalon have held the electro-industrial scene enthralled for over five years. The trio manages to combine a concentrate wealth of accessibility, club-readiness and last but not least outrageously good vocals.

Starting in 2006 with the track "Responder" - a highlight of the Septic VI compilation - the Canadian trio of Matt Gifford, Sam Mainer and Alis Alias have contributed bona fide hits to no less than seven international compilations. In 2009, the track "Rise" was featured in the cyberpunk film "The Gene Generation" and will also be appearing in the upcoming horror film "Necromantia". High time for Dependent to release the band's first and eagerly awaited LP, "The Transhuman Condition".

Thematically, the album deals with isolation, futurism and human evolution, while musically, the album unites elements of the classic Canadian electro-industrial sound with futurepop melodies in a way you've never quite heard before. Where many albums fall flat in their singleminded pursuit of the dancefloor, Encephalon's succeeds thanks to a remarkable depth and breadth of styles and ideas.

The Transhuman Condition

1. Rise  
2. The Transhuman Condition  
3. Daylight  
4. Garden  
5. The Killing Horizon  
6. Marianas Trench  
7. Drop Dead  
8. Scar On Scar On Scar  
9. A Lifetime Of Puppetry  
10. Human Shield  
11. Face First (With Fractured And Famine)  
12. Past The Grave  



"A cross-breed of multi-layered beats melodies and vocals has been created that should be part of any electronic aficionado's collection."

- Reflections Of Darkness

"If all debuts were this good, we wouldn't spend each year waiting for new material from old heroes".
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"Album Of The Year!"
- IDie:YouDie

"It's tempting to use the word Futurepop, if only it didn't feel so wrong…then on this debut, the young band from Ottawa cover a huge stylistic spectrum resourcefully and dynamically. Remarkable."
- Sonic Seducer

"'The Transhuman Condition' is a remarkable debut that doesn't need to hide behind the works of the old guard. Quite the opposite. 'The Transhuman Condition' belongs in the clubs -- and in the collection of every discerning music lover!"

"The ability to develop sophisticated sound structure must be part of the genetic code of all Canadians, for like so many bands before them, ENCEPHALON appear to create to interesting and varied soundscapes with ease.  Seemingly effortlessly, as on the title track, a range of sonic ideas are brought together into a single whole."
- Terrorverlag

"What a gorgeous hour these Canadian newcomers deliver, making listeners into repeat offenders, discovering something new with each immersion in 'The Transhuman Condition'. It's virtually impossible to get lost; if you miss the turn-off for 'Future Pop', just takes one of the exits marked 'Industrial' or 'Synth Pop'. 9 out of 10."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"Lately Canada has been putting out a lot of excellent industrial music. Encephalon is no exception. Musically the album is a cornucopia of brilliantly constructed and executed sounds. Matt Gifford’s wide vocal range can’t be ignored and it permeates this album which is partly what gives each track a unique feel. To say this album is an auditory delight would be an understatement. Well done Encephalon."
- Mechanical Nation

"Album Of The Year! With `The Transhuman Condition´, the trio out of Ottawa has come forth with an album that truly deserves to become an integral part for anyone’s electronic music collection."
- NYC After Dusk

"Encephalon is a rather typical band from the Dependent roster. The intelligence of writing and the atypical electro-style have been often a trademark of the label. This is just one more band we can add to the list. There are several good songs on the album although I’m maybe missing the real ‘hit’ that would push this band more in the spotlights…like Rotersand and their legendary `Merging Oceans´. Let’s keep an eye on this band because the potential is promising."
- Side-Line

"Encephalon shows with `The Transhuman Condition´ that it is perfectly acceptable to make bubble gum scented synthpop 2011. The music is well-conceived and the co-operation with fellow countrymen Fractured adds another dimension of sound. VG +, as my old high school teachers would have said."
- Elektroskull Synthportalen

"The Transhuman Condition is one of those rare albums that, even after repeated listening, I never found myself skipping over any tracks. Yes, it is that good and I honestly believe it should be in everyone’s music collection. So, what are you waiting for?"
- COMA Music Magazine

"A stunning and complex debut that proves a band can show shades of other acts while maintaining a completely unique voice"
- ReGen Magazine

"10/10 points. Encephalon tend to cross many different layers, matching many styles by bringing deep and catchy melodies to strong beats and an outstanding atmosphere by delivering one of the strongest releases this year."
- Black Vector