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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind187

Release Date: 2011-09-16

available as Download and CD



Imperative Reaction

1. Side Effect  
2. What Is Left To Say  
3. Siphon  
4. Song Of The Martyr  
5. Torture  
6. Surface  
7. Time Doesnt Care  
8. The Signal  
9. Hype  
10. Permanent  
11. Closure  


Imperative Reaction...

Once a band decides to name the sixth album after themselves you instantly realize that this album marks a significant change for them. Exactly this happened with Imperative Reactions current album and you immediately notice the different attitude once listening to it. “I decided that this album would be a new beginning for Imperative Reaction,” says Ted Phelps of the bands upcoming self-titled release. Showcasing an evolved sound that combines the band’s explosive live show with the precise, electronic anthems Imperative Reaction has built its name on, Imperative Reaction is as much a summation as it is a huge step forward for a band never content to rest on past successes. In Phelps’ words: “It is our defining album.”
The change is immediately clear on the forthcoming single, “Surface.” Grinding synthesizers merge with a pummeling dance beat that gives way to a huge chorus comprised of a wall of guitar and larger-than-life gang vocals. “Side Effect” opens Imperative Reaction with a groove that builds into an all out dance floor assault. “Song Of The Martyr” and “Time Doesn’t Care” marry crushing electronics with rock guitars and IR’s signature vocal hooks, while “Siphon”, with it’s dance beat and sing-song chorus, proves that the band can update its sound without losing its club roots.
From the cold beauty of “Torture” to the unbridled anger of “Closure”, melody and aggression interlock and combust throughout Imperative Reaction to form a career defining album. Imperative Reaction is an electronic club-rock masterpiece that showcases a band in its prime; ready to blow any preconceived notions out of the water. There is no escape.


"Total: 9 / 10 - There are a lot of options for DJs to set their playlists up. For those, who prefer to enjoy music at home alone, four Californians also have something to show, as for example ‘What Is Left To Say’. All in all Imperative Reaction makes a great musical breakthrough with their new album. They opened electronic boundaries and let a rock demon out. So if you’re bored with classical Future Pop and alternative electronic don’t miss this album."

- Reflections Of Darkness

"Rating: 9/10 - The band deliver a solid 11-track masterpiece and nothing compared to its predecessors. Even if it sound like Imperative Reaction should do and no huge changes and nothing mind-blowing, they have succeeded with creating 11 strong tracks, every single track is actually really good, including both heavier tracks with strong bass and beats as well as catchy songs with powerful hooks and addictive melodies. Ted was right with saying this being their defining one."
- Blackvector

"All in all this is a great solid album, dare one say the best Imperative Reaction album to date as well as one of the best releases from this year."


"Imperative Reaction takes everything you love about Imperative Reaction, strips it down, rebuilds it, and streamlines it into a juggernaut who’s force is impossible to escape from. If this doesn’t make it into your collection or onto your playlist, you may want to seek professional help immediately."
- Coma Music Magazine

"Imperative Reaction did a good job with their `Imperative Reaction´ album and it’s worth your time and money. The album is truly versatile and it compliments any environment where it is played. Notwithstanding its general feel of darker, revolted, love-jilted and life-jilted lyrics, one comes to acknowledge that it’s actually a feel good album, giving as much of electronic music but also planting inside good alternative mock-ups and ultimately being a superlative album, every minute of it."

"With this album there is no doubt that Imperative Reaction is headed straight to the top. Don’t dare to hit the pause button for fear that you may miss one more moment of the amazingly orchestrated chaos. Believe the hype, the boys are back."
- NYC After Dusk