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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind184

Release Date: 2011-05-20

available as Download and CD



It’s been 15 years since guitar god Tim Skold released his first album. In the interim he’s been busy garnering Grammy nominations with Marilyn Manson, keeping old school industrial rock flame with KMFDM, and inducting young talent into the world of guitar and recording tricks.

Now, it’s time for Tim Skold’s second solo album "Anomie“, which achieves all that wasn’t possible in his previous collaborations. The result is a diverse, absorbing LP full of love of the details, firing on all cylinders by the third song at the latest, as SKOLD leads us on a tour of rock’s many facets with a playful ease and believable depth. One has the impression that he truly loves what he does and there’s something here for literally everyone, without it ever becoming tiresome for anyone: seldom does one come across such a stylistically diverse album that nevertheless sounds so monolithic!

"Anomie“ is a magnificent solo album, the kind that is only really possible to make with a completely free hand. Tim Skold has been active (and successful) for a long time, he has no need to curry anyone’s favour or chase big halls or stadiums – having rocked them to excess with Manson long ago – this sets him free to pursue his own artistic goals.

Manson fans will appreciate sleazy smashers like "Suck“ and "Here Comes The Thunder“, KMFDM fans will love "Black Out“, the metal contingent "Angel Of Noise“ and "(This Is My) Elephant“ and there is even an up-tempo number with "Tonight“. The melancholy and haunting "Becoming" and "What You See Is What You Get“ and the industrial rock ballads "And Then We Die“ and "Miserably Never After“ round out an album that, as a single listening will confirm, really is the perfect mix – brilliant!

Naturally, the album has been beautifully produced, lending it a unbelievably rich and powerful sound that can only be achieved by a talented old hand: a Swedish-born multi-instrumentalist who founded his first band, Kingpin, in 1980, who after changing names to Shotgun Messiah in 1989 would go on to become true glam-rock legends. In 1996, after releasing a solo album as SKOLD, Tim joined KMFDM, leaving in 2002 to join Marilyn Manson as bassist, guitarist, and co-producer. By the time he left the Manson organization and rejoined KMFDM in 2008, Tim had made a name as a sought-after producer and remixer.

With "Anomie“, SKOLD has produced an album which very nearly overshadows much of his earlier work for others and – and this is a phrase that is used so often it’s nearly lost all meaning, but here it’s really true – belongs in every good rock collection!


Album teaser 1/2

Album teaser 2/2



1. (This is my) Elephant  
2. Suck  
3. Black Out  
4. Angel of Noise  
5. Satellite  
6. Becoming  
7. The Hunger  
8. Here Comes the Thunder  
9. And Then We Die  
10. Miserably Never Ever  
11. Tonight  
12. What You See Is What You Get  



"This is a record well worth remembering, every stamp Skold has ever placed on record has been massive, hopefully this is the beginning of an incredible new era for Tim Skold as his solo record “Anomie” places his new music in the foreground, establishing his column in the guitar legend pantheon as well and making a record for himself that rocks harder than all others."

- Crossroads Music

"Today there are many bands where the talent of their members and their production acolytes combined doesn’t even halve the one Skold possesses alone. This album was a pure joy to listen to, I found myself surprised by unexpected songs which give a huge breadth and depth to the whole album. This CD deserves to become a classic. Don’t miss it! 10 of 10 points."
- Reflections Of Darkness

"With the release of `Anomie´, Skold has carved out a shadowy musical corner of his own."
- FearNet

"Album of the month!"
- Sonic Seducer

"`Anomie´ is a very powerful album, filled with heavy sounds that just grind each other. It is a very heavy record, full of frozen energy. Skold’s return is solid, but full of surprising turns. `Anomie´ is mechanically robotic, yet devilishly charming."
- 69 Faces Of Rock

"The album is full of the familiar Tim Skold noises, throbbing bass lines and dirty rock 'n' roll sensibilities. 'Anomie' displays over two decades of experience in industrial rock and, as you'd expect, it delivers. It avoids the clichés of NDH and the American cyber metal of the late 1990's. Though in places it may come off as Skold distilling the most successful points of his career into one CD, you have to admit it works."
- Dominion Magazine

"Well worth the wait? Absolutely! Teased for almost 2 years now and 15 years since his debut, `Anomie´ is a brilliant return ... If you ever thought Tim Skold was a one-trick industrial metal pony then `Anomie´ is just the album to prove you wrong."

- PopBlerd

"I am a fan of Skold’s first solo effort and I like his second one, Anomie, even more. ´Anomie` is darker, more aggressive and switches things around so often it never gets boring or stale. It’s a great mix of electro-dance and industrial, guitar driven metal."
- Head Full Of Noise

"Fans of modern industrial sounds and the ever progressing hybrid style should lap this up."
- Soundsphere Mag

"full of the familiar Tim Sköld noises, throbbing bass lines and dirty rock 'n' roll sensibilities. But there is a hardness and urgency to the songs akin to Alice In Chains that separates Anomie from the usual modern industrial rock fare."
-  Dominion /

"`Anomie´ is darker, more aggressive and switches things around so often it never gets boring or stale."
- Head Full of Noise

"takes what he knows best from all eras of SKOLD and compiles them together into one amazing album."
- COMA Music Magazine

"a diverse collection of songs that pull from his entire career. He is able to skillfully merge catchy 80s rock riffs with mechanical industrial beats one moment and then turn around and deliver a wall of power chords and blast beats the next without ever sounding awkward or gimmicky."
- Sputnik Music

"Filth with pulsating bass chords and gritty rock melodies, `Anomie´ features material for both club scenes and head-banging pits. The album includes contagious guitar solos that instantly settle inside minds causing adrenaline outbursts of musical ecstasy. Grade:A"
- Campus Circle

"Ultimately, there’s no doubt that “Anomie” was worth the wait. Skold’s gravelly, deep voice is just as prominent as it was 15 years ago and the songs are just as hard to forget. It’s a record that goes to lots of different places musically and certainly will appeal to both old and new SKOLD fans."

- Sacramentopress

"a fantastic album from a true guitar hero who never lets his blistering technical prowess get between him and the needs of a good industrial song...if Manson wants to reclaim his earlier success he would do well to take a page from Skold's 'Anomie'...9 out of 10 points"
- Orkus Magazine

"Tim Skold's 'Anomie' is the must-have album of the season. 14/15 points"
- Bizarre Radio

"`Anomie´ give you an idea of just how much Tim has influenced the bands he has played in. The Tim Skold sound is there and the killer tracks are there as well. SKOLD simply is a must for anyone that likes Marilyn Manson or industrial music in general. `Anomie´ rocks and this is a no brainer, It simply won't become any better than this, pick it up or fuck off!"

"the future has won, the past never had a chance. The man who helped shape the sound of both Marilyn Manson and KMFDM strikes back: hard, in high dosage, atmospheric, merciless. A reckoning with himself and the world. `Gods will die where superstars collide...´". 
- Thomas Clausen (Sonic Seducer Magazine)

"Given Tim Skold’s experience and expertise, it should be no surprise that the production on `Anomie´ is top-notch. The best parts of the album blend catchy electronic sequences and sounds with heavy, grinding guitars and perfectly placed rhythm sections to create wholly accessible songs that keep you wanting to set the ‘repeat’ on your iPod."