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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind177

Release Date: 2011-02-25

available as Download and CD



Dependent Club Anthems

1. Rotersand - Exterminate Annihilate Destroy  
2. Covenant - Der Leiermann  
3. Pride And Fall - December (Below Zero Mix)  
4. Interlace - Under The Sky (Compact Mix)  
5. Edge Of Dawn - The Flight [Lux]  
6. Straftanz - Straftanz (West)  
7. Fractured - Only Human Remains  
8. Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (Psychopath 01-Version)  
9. Flesh Field - Inferior (Ivory Frequency Remix)  
10. Seabound - Hooked (Radical Mix)  
11. Autoaggression - 3.14 (Edit)  
12. Stromkern - Stand Up (Extended Mix)  
13. - Walking  
14. VNV Nation - Further  
15. Dismantled - Anthem (Edit)  


Dependent Club Anthems...

The products of the Dependent sound forge have often been used as a reference standard for electro-industrial music. Founded in 1999, the Gelsenkirchen-based label has chalked up some 150 successful releases to date. To celebrate the first decade of Dependent, we’re proud to announce this collection of the biggest electro-industrial clubhits from the past ten years.

All of the tracks included here are proven dancefloor killers and continue to find favor with the biggest DJs in the scene, each one a timeless classic guaranteed to pack the floor at the most popular clubs. Each of these hits contributed to the breakthrough of artists like Covenant, Rotersand, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Dismantled , Edge Of Dawn, Pride And Fall, Seabound and Straftanz and stands out as the absolute highlight of their live performances, as anyone who has seen the fan reaction to the first notes of “Der Leiermann” at a Covenant concert or “Hellraiser” at a Suicide Commando gig can attest. While each track is featured here in its original club-ready form, the compilation was mastered to 2011 standards for an added punch.

Short and sweet: from 25 February you can find 15 monster hits – remastered but original mixes – on a single CD that truly earns the title of  “Dependent – Club Anthems”. 


"‘Dependent Club Anthems’ is definite proof that also challenging music can work in a club environment in a concentrated form. Apart from that there’s one or the other sought-after mix included. 8.5/10 points"
- Reflections Of Darkness

"... a perfect compilation for the car trip, the dance floor and pre-party. 8/10"

"This must be the most classic compilation release in modern time.`Dependent Club Anthems´” covers some very powerful club hits from Dependent as a label and it shows off in a great way. Many of the tracks are in one way or the other has almost an nostalgic status of electro fans out there and in what better way can we support the bands we love then to invest in a future classic release like this."

"Face the title of this compilation and get a brief look on the tracklist and you’ll immediately know what it’s all about and what to expect. This sampler brings us back to the most glorious years of Dependent and it’s a bit hard to realize that the label has lost its most famous bands. 15 anthems glorifying the rich past of Dependent!"
- Side-Line