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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind175

Release Date: 2011-01-28

available as Download and CD




1. From Hell  
2. Hitman  
3. Capsized  
4. Nightshift  
5. Man On A Wire  
6. Minefields  
7. Integrity  
8. Fraud  
9. From Hell (Iris)  
10. Hitman (File Not Found)  
11. Capsized (Edge Of Dawn)  
12. Nightshift (Diskonnekted)  
13. Man On A Wire (Versus)  
14. Minefields (Ghost)  
15. Integrity (The Alpha Conspiracy)  
16. Fraud (Acretongue)  



It feels like an eternity since Jimmyjoe Snark III, at that time still using the moniker of The Weathermen , exploded onto the EBM and New Beat scene with the track “Poison“. Singer Frank Spinath, on the other hand, is known for his comparatively more recent projects Seabound and Edge of Dawn, both huge hits in among electro fans. Spinath managed to persuade Jimmyjoe to collaborate, and the result of their efforts is finally here. Together they constitute “Ghost & Writer”, whereas they do not really give away, who´s the Ghost and who´s the Writer.
From the promo video clips, it’s clear that the duo share a weakness for black-and-white films, whose aesthetic matches up perfectly with the stories of Ghost & Writer. In their own words: „our songs are like short films. Like the characters in a film noir, the protagonists in our songs are often fighting a losing battle because they romanticize too deeply that which they cannot have, and so they collapse. Or they are fleeing from that which they actually desire.
Musically the album is characterized by a certain effortlessness, like old movie theaters or carousels. It resonants with both a playfulness as well as with a deep romantic desire.“
Snark and Spinath give conventional songwriting the cold shoulder and turn instead to brazenly modern structures as well as beloved yet nearly forgotten retro-elements, or as they put it: „Mean little stories blown up to cinematic proportions. Stranded and battered electronic memorials of better days. And yet, so fresh it almost hurts.“
Seldom has the combination of old and new born such creative fruit as on Ghost & Writer’s debut LP ”Shipwrecks“. Breaking further new ground, the 8-track album also includes 8 re-workings of the songs by other artists – serving as its own remix album. Artists such as File Not Found, Edge Of Dawn, Diskonnekted, Iris and Acretongue have given the tracks their personal touch. In particular, the mix by electroclashers File Not Found looks likely to have good chances in the clubs.
The highly professional recording was mastered by none other than Front 242’s Daniel B., bringing out the fresh, new, and unconventional accents of an album sure to stand out in 2011’s otherwise rather sedentary electro landscape.


"The music is very romantic and every song tells a different story but they have one thing in common: They all feel very emotional with powerful soundscapes, heavy rhythms and a complex structure mixing earlier sounds with todays modern. “Shipwrecks” is a beautifully composed album with great production work and is yet another top release that can be put in the duos already impressive portfolios. 9/10 points"


"The debut album of GHOST & WRITER has been long time in coming but it was all worth the waiting. 'Shipwrecks' takes you on a journey, compels you with its stories which are offering enough stuff for discussions about their possible backgrounds. The sound is hard to categorize but a certain soundtrack-like quality can hardly be denied. It's something like a series that with every episode brings different revelations. They idea of adding a remix album right after the original one deserves credit with the remixes really offering new angles on the tracks. Absolutely recommended!"
- Reflections Of Darkness

"GHOST & WRITER’s “Shipwrecks” is a diligent and at moments philosophical contemplation of today’s state of being marooned in everyday contexts that defy the core principles of togetherness and belonging that all human beings crave for. A good listen for all seasons, “Shipwrecks” is not at all condescending, and it brings together musician and listener as one. VIVA MUSIC  recommends this as a potential candidate album for our scene in 2011 and genuinely hopes that this is not the last we hear from JIMMYJOE SNARK III and Frank Spinath."

- Viva Music /

"In summary Shipwrecks is a must own for fans of Seabound, and Edge of Dawn.  Don't expect another Beyond Flatline though.  Shipwrecks shuns the current trends in electronic music and delivers an album of what can only be described as Electo-Noir.  Perfectly told stories with intelligent beats that sometimes make you want to dance, or just lose yourself in the story."
- Grave Concerns E-zine 

"... harmonious mix of lyrics and electronic rhythms. 9/10 points"
- Auxiliary Magazine

"The last time I ever had a package that has impressed me this much from start to finish was nearly 10 years ago. I have NO choice but to give this album a 10/10, yet typically, I feel it should get higher. Please, please, if you only order ONE CD this year, make it this one!"
- Brutal Resonance
"Ghost & Writer are miles away from electro standards, which is maybe not an advantage for the sales, but the originality of the project must incite lovers of intelligent electronics to buy!"
- Side-Line


Ghost & Writer - From Hell Video

 Ghost & Writer - "From Hell" - (Iris Remix) from the forthcoming album Shipwracks