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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind168

Release Date: 2010-09-17

available as Download and CD



Pins And Needles

1. In The Dark  
2. Always  
3. Pale  
4. Control  
5. Shallow Grave  
6. Sideways  
7. Midnight  
8. Pins And Needles  
9. Two Hearts  
10. Sleepwalking  
11. Secret  


Pins And Needles...

The Birthday Massace first appeared on European stages five years ago, their secret recipe of seductively accessible synthpop and wave peppered with elements of industrial was a huge hit and a breath of fresh air.

Thanks in no small part to their energy-laden live shows fronted by the whirling maelstrom of Chibi, the Birthday Massacre soon became one of the scene's hottest live acts. Their albums are no less well loved and from the opening tones of "In The Dark" through to the music-box melody of "Secret", it's clear that "Pins And Needles" is the band's best effort to date.

Rich, elaborate production by David Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, Killing Joke) brings out the interplay between the guitars and the rhythm section, the atmospheric keyboards and Chibi's captivating vocal like never before.

Lyrically, "Pins and Needles" invites us back into The Birthday Massacre's magical fairyland that their enormous and growing fanbase know and love.


"Don’t miss out this amazing new album from The Birthday Massacre, a must for fans of melodic and fresh music with catchy refrains and female vocals. Highly Recommended. 10/10 points"

"The Birthday Massacre always somehow reminds us of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’: Cheerily sugar-sweet and colourful, despite scattered references to the macabre."
"Listening through ‘Pins And Needles’ reveals there’s a whole lot of sound improvements, the overall production quality has made a leap forward again ... definitely an album that was worth the wait."
- Reflections Of Darkness