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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind160

Release Date: 2010-06-25

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Improvised.Electronic.Device. (Deluxe Edition)

1. I. E. D.  
2. Angriff  
3. Hostage  
4. Release  
5. Shifting through the lens (Edit)  
6. Laws of deception  
7. Pressure wave  
8. Afterlife  
9. Stupidity (featuring Al Jourgensen)  
10. Downfall  
11. Day of violence  
12. Attack the masses  


Improvised.Electronic. Device. (Deluxe Edition)...

Always expanding and reconstructing electronic and industrial music to its breaking point while keeping rhythm and melody intact, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY are preparing to unleash the latest chapter in their storied history with the release of IMPROVISED. ELECTRONIC. DEVICE. on June 25, 2010 on Dependent. "I.E.D. is definitely furthering the direction of the band and sound, creatively and artistically," explains founder and mastermind behind FLA, Bill Leeb. "We're finding new ways to make sound."

A hearty and robust album thick with a hybrid of electronics and guitars, I.E.D. takes their trademark sound and beefs it up with metallic guitars and stylized industrial beats. Kicking off with the adrenaline-infused title track, it's apparent that this is a new and improved FLA. "This is the first time in Front Line history that we did a track in a 5/4 signature," explains Bill. "Chris [Peterson, keyboards] was pushing for more diversity, challenging the band to do something different. We wanted this track to be as challenging and complex as the world we live in as there are no easy answers." From the electronic bounce of "Hostage" to the dark metal of "Release" to the ambient and atmospheric closing track, "Downfall," I.E.D. is an album rife with the FLA's brand of intelligent dance music.

The first single "Shifting Through the Lens" is the most danceable track FLA has created in the last decade and came together quite naturally. "Jeremy [Inkel, keyboards] came up with the original sequence for the verse and chorus and, right away, I really liked what I heard," Bill explains. "It really brings together a lot of the different aspects of industrial and electronic that we all like." The inimitable Al Jourgensen (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) guests on the sonic industrial onslaught of "Stupidity," which Bill describes as, "inspired by the Ministry album The Last Sucker. Jeremy was on tour with his other band Left Spine Down supporting RevCo and he get to know Al really well. We're really excited to have him on it!" Adds Jeremy, "Not only did Al agree to do the vocals, but he got his hands dirty with the production and mixed the whole song in his studio in El Paso."

Formed in 1986 when Bill left Skinny Puppy, FLA are still as vital and energetic as ever. With US and European tours planned for Summer and Fall 2010, they're gearing up for their legendary epic live performances. "We're quite excited [to tour]," Bill adds. "We feel we have grown as a band over the last four years. We really feel this new album will sound great live and can't wait to get out there and be creative with it!"


"Total: 9.75 / 10"
- Reflections Of Darkness

"`Improvised Electronic Device´ is definitely worth checking out and is another fine addition to Front Line Assembly’s discography."
"The album includes a true masterpiece in “Afterlife”. It’s a mellow track with a very beautiful and great melodic structure to create that emotional feeling."

"The title track is an in your face, nuclear powered, electronic smash that will put blisters on your feet."

"Act of the Month -- what other bands aspire to."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"The ideal mix of industrial metal and sophisticated electronics... a rocking, grooving banger of an album! ... lovingly detailed arrangements and superheavy production hits the nail on the head."
- Zillo Musikmagazin

"...the first album since 'Hard Wired' which is convincing from beginning to end and, moreover, is stylistically related to these glorious days. What more can you say? Great, perhaps. No: really great! "
- Gothic Magazine

"...the triumphant rebirth of classic Front Line Assembly: monstrous and almost epic refrains with arching melodies that lend a special touch to even the hardest numbers."

- Klangwelt

"Improvised Electronic Device is an amazing body of work that only true masters of Industrial music could have composed."
-Crazy Brutal

"Seldom have rhythm guitars and typical EBM basslines been heard in such perfect harmony."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"The wait has been worth it: Front Line Assembly delivers a powerful banger of an LP."
- Nachtaktiv

"'Improvised Electronic Device' showcases a rejuvenated FLA: the EBM pioneers sound more rested and innovative than they have in years. Recommended!"
- Elektrauma

 "This is almost like a tree that has been hit by a thunder bolt; splinters are flying in all kind of directions, pointing towards all 360 degrees ... I’m standing in the middle of it all with a confused look upon my face."