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After the smashing success of their last album "Crossroads" which took both critics and listeners by storm, the Austrian duo have set their sights squarely on the dancefloor. The final Dependent Records label release will be an extremely limited club single "What Used To Be" from One of the best-loved tracks from "Crossroads", "What Used To Be" has already been released to DJs, and they have already voted it into the top slot of the German Alternative Charts!

The remaining copies of the single will be availible exclusively from MusicNonStop starting on 14.12.2007.


The brand new album "Crossroads" has been getting rave reviews in the press. For those who reamined unconvinced by the audio samples available at the band's homepage and MySpace, check out this free download of the album track "Fear".


This Friday, 31 August will see the European release of "Crossroads", the new album from "Crossroads" is the band's third album and proof that the Austrian duo are in a league all their own. The band has turned down repeated offers to perform live, and has never sought success on the dancefloor, but nevertheless have assembled a sizable European fanbase on account of their completely unique sound.

The world of extends far beyond the music. A complex, constantly evolving sci-fi backstory underscores the three albums. The 24-page booklet accompanying the album includes a story from Austrian science fiction author Andreas Gruber which reflects perfectly the music and lyrics of the albums. The CD booklet also includes a download code for three unreleased tracks which will be available on the band's fantastic website, due to be relaunched on 15 August.

Nevertheless it is the music of that draws the most attention, and on their third album, the duo bring together the almost narrative elements of the story, magnificent, weightless programming, and unique sound design in an effortless synthesis. Together with the excellent songwriting, powerful vocals, mysterious atmospheres and beautiful artwork, "Crossroads" is an album not to be missed.


On 31.08.2007 a release party for the long-awaited new longplayer "Crossroads" from will take place at Club Pi in Vienna. Club Pi is also the location of the short Sci-Fi story by Andreas Gruber included in the CD booklet of the album.

In other news, the band's official website has just been completely revamped and relaunched, and includes bonus material and remixes which can be unlocked using a secret code found in the album booklet.


Available now at an exclusive preview of the track "Between Worlds" from the forthcoming album "Dreamweb". In other news, both Zillo and Orkus have named the album CD of the Month in their respective June issues! More to come...


With just a few days remaining before the release of long-awaited sophomore album from, it is clear that all hopes will be fulfilled and all expectations exceeded. The album "Dream Web" has been receiving top marks from every facet of the press and the single "Certainty" has been an instant hit. Like the debut "Lost Alone", "Dream Web" is a complex mix of multifaceted electronic compositions and constantly shifting vocals. Behind the fragile mix of techno, electro, and ambient lies a wealth of expressive power and emotion. On 30.05.05...The Second Reflection In A Mirror Of Our Reality!More information to follow...


Seldom does a newcomer band offer a debut album as impressive as did with last year's magnificent, genre-bending "Lost Alone". Multiple weeks spent at the top of the DACs (German Alternative Charts), countless Newcomer and Album of the Month accolades, huge press stories and enthusiastic reception worldwide are clear indicators of a fantastic release. Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger, a.k.a., have been far from idle and present here with their new single "Certainty" a brilliant transition from "Lost Alone" to their upcoming release "Dream Web", due for release this spring. Once again they have managed to condense their indescribable creative potential into CD form and the results are just as difficult to categorize this time around. Techno, EBM, and trance styles are all bound together effortlessly and continue down the path that impressed so many people last year.


Rather than rest on their laurels in the wake of countless interviews, features and TV-reports(!), our newcomer act of the year is locked in the studio and has thrown away the key. The somewhat shy and reclusive musician finally has the opportunity to concentrate on what he loves: music. The fruits of his labors will soon be made available for all to enjoy, with a new single and album planned for the first half of 2005. The child even has a name: "Dreamweb" is the title of the follow-up to "Lost Alone" according to Stefan Poiss (music) and Markus Hadwiger (lyrics). Good news not just for fans of sophisticated electronic music, but also a step in the right direction: we're not the only ones thirsting for more material from this innovative project. For more information, see


It's rare that the independent press share the same opinion. SIDE-LINE: Newcomer of the Season, ZILLO: Newcomer of the Month, ORKUS: Newcomer of the Month, DNA SIX: Album of the Month, and on and on. We knew this project was good, but the reactions have been better than anything we could have forseen. There is no doubt that "Lost Alone" is a truly breathtaking debut, an album that refuses to be pigeonhold and is in fact the very antithesis of its name. One week prior to the 01 June release, you'll have the opportunity to download an exclusive track from this website. Watch out!

For more information, check out


It's official: the debut album from our latest signing will be out this May on Dependent. The concept album "Lost Alone" has been nothing short of a big hit around the Dependent offices lately. You can get a taste of this innovative and melancholic techno-pop on the Septic 4 sampler ("Beyond The World") or check out the demos at More audio samples are available online at Check it out!