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As previously reported, the DJ-only single "Lost" from Rotersand quickly found its way to the top of the German Alternative Singles Charts. This week, the album reached pole position in the album charts. In other words: Rotersand currently tops both the single and album charts!! Next up for the Ruhr Basin trio is the EP "I Cry", featuring remixed versions and brand new material in a limited edition digipak including a bonus live DVD!

Speaking of live material, check out Rotersand's Fall concert schedule in the "On Stage" section.


"Organic electro of the highest quality - nothing artificial...each song is a pearl with its own life, its own story. 9.5 out of 10 points" - Gothic Magazine

"Rotersand shine above and beyond the rest of the what electro scene has had to offer of late, delivering a fulminant third album." - Zillo Musikmagazin

"For the first time in their impressive career, Rotersand show themselves to be first-class songsmiths who can build and hold tension without ever letting up." - Orkus Musikmagazin

"It is already clear that any list of this year's highlights will include the newest offering from the trio Rotersand." - Sonic Seducer Magazine

And there you have it: the press have spoken out on the new album from Rotersand, entitled "1023" (tentwentythree), out this Friday 8 June. Ever since their sophomore album "Welcome To Goodbye" took the Number 2 spot in the year-end German Alternative Charts, second only to the Depeche Mode album "Playing The Angel", this clubminded Ruhr Basin trio have become one of the premier dark electro/Futurepop acts around.

For those who missed Rotersand performing the new material live at the WGT, or if you caught the gig but just want more, the band will be headlining the Schattenreich stage at this year's Bochum Total Open-Air on 22 June. Can't make the show? The concert will be broadcast live on air, so tune in!

Just can't wait that long? For a limited time you can download three free snippits from the new album from this site! Just click here!


Having spent 2006 on the road building their reputation as a powerful live act, Rotersand are preparing to unleash their eagerly anticipated 3rd album with the title "1023" (ten twenty-three). According to Rotersand singer Rasc, the title refers to the room number of a Detroit hotel the trio checked into during their US tour last year. "The atmosphere in this derelict, at one time luxurious and now forsaken hotel was both sinister and eeire. We felt as though we were in a combination of a surreal computer game and Stephen King's 'Shining'. The experience had such an effect on us for the rest of the tour that we decided to try and use it as the basis for some future musical work. The otherworldly atmosphere was so perfectly fitting with the dark, intense mood of the album, we decided to make it the title. Look forwards to seeing and hearing more from '1023' very soon."


Rotersand are currently on tour with Imperative Reaction supporting Covenant on a three week tour of the US and Canada. To keep in touch with fans who can't make it out to one of the shows, the band have been keeping a tour diary. You can check out the short, daily updates at the band's LiveJournal or MySpace pages.


After bringing the M'era Luna hanger to its knees after a brilliant performance featuring surprise special guest Mark Jackson of VNV Nation on live drums, Rotersand announced their upcoming US tour together with Imperative Reaction in support of Covenant. You can find the exact tourdates here. Rotersand will perform just two more festival performances in Europe this year:

28.08.06 Bradford (UK) Infest (with e.g. FLA and Stromkern)
16.09.06 Lahr (D) Universal Dog, DARK DANCE Treffen (with e.g. Suicide Commando)


Rotersand will be performing live at three diffferent European festivals this summer, several of which will also features performances by Stromkern and Girls Under Glass!

Confirmed dates so far:

Blue Moon Festival
Krakau, Poland
(with Apoptygma Berzerk und Agonised by Love)

M´era Luna Festival
Hildesheim, Germany
(with FLA, Ministry, Girls Under Glass, and Krupps)

Bradford, UK
(with Front Line Assembly, Frozen Plasma and Stromkern)




will be performing at the 5th annual Elfentanz-Festival this Saturday, 6 May, in Athens, Greece, along with



Clan Of Xymox


Trisomie 21

, and

This Morn' Omina



Rotersand will be supporting Covenant on their upcoming "Skyshaper" European tour. Tourdates are available here.

To coincide with the tour, the band will be releasing a new 5-track EP entitled "Dare To Live - Perspectives On Welcome To Goodbye".


For the first time in Dependent's history, two of our releases are occupying the top two slots of the DAC album charts. Rotersand's new album "Welcome To Goodbye" shot straight to #1 in its first week, with's "Dreamweb" holding on to #2. At the same time, Rotersand's single "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy" continues to hold the pole position in the GEWC Audience Charts. Summer can't get any better than this! Thanks to all the DJs and fans!


"Welcome To Goodbye", the upcoming new album from Rotersand, has been named "Album of the Month" not once, but twice! Both Zillo and Sonic Seducer placed the band's sophomore effort at #1. While Sonic Seducer drew parallels to mid-90s albulms by artists like Underworld and Juno Reactor, Zillo spoke of the record as "without a doubt the best electro album of the year thus far".


If you'll be spending the 1st of May in England, you should seriously consider taking a detour via Edinburgh to check out our newest signing Rotersand at the Dark City Festival. More info at


The tour with Assemblage 23 was a smashing success for the three boys from the Ruhrpott. The merchandise flew off the table and the crowds had no problems singing along to the songs. Now the band is hard at work on the follow-up to their smash "Truth is Fanatic" album. You'll know more when we do. More information also available at


Once again, the Internet was faster. Take for example Halo 2, a title which the male employees of Dependent had been anticipating for 3 years, which was available online 3 weeks before its official release. In the same way, the news that Rotersand had found their way to Dependent was leaked to the Net two weeks before the official announcement - but whereas a leak was bad news for the makers of the greatest game of all time, it was good news for us! This year's shooting stars and darlings of the press Rotersand have a new home in Dependent Records. Work on their new album will begin after completion of a live tour with Assemblage 23 and Run Level Zero. More news to follow.