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Echogenetic hits Media Control Charts


This is something completly new in the history of Front Line Assembly: with their 17th album the Canadian musicians hit the geman Media Control Charts at position 75. And not only the fans think that this is one of the best electro releases of the year. Read here, what the media has to say about “Echogenetic”:

“Best of all, however, are some of the killer tracks on show, easily amongst the best FLA has ever recorded, from the thumping, unrestrained dance anthem Killing Ground to the massively addictive, slow-paced Blood and pulsing circuitry of Deadened.” (Barcodezine)

“…there's nothing here that's going to disappoint long-term fans. It's a master-class in great musicianship in industrial music.” (SonicShocks)

“An absolute must for fans of electronica and electro-industrial.” (arcticreviews)

“More than a quarter of a century after their debut album Canadian electro-industrial heavyweights Front Line Assembly have just delivered their best recordings since those halcyon days.” (Altsounds)

From the beginning of August on Front Line Assembly will be on tour with haujobb throughout Europe. You can find the dates here



Download Front Line Assembly track for free


We have a small but decent gift for you to celebrate the successfull release of the new Front Line Assembly album "Echogenetic": from now on you can download the full track "Deadened" for free.  And if you want to listen to more: we have previews of the songs Ghosts, Exhale and the club-hit Killing Grouds on our Website for you. 
You can also buy the album in our shop. The limited edition is already sold out, but the normal version and the limited Vinyl-Edition are still available. 



The Limited Edition of Echogenetic is already sold out

EchogeneticWe are very happy that we are able to announce a day before the release, that the Limited Edition of the new Front-Line-Assembly album is already sold out in the shop! But you are still able to get hold of “Echogenetic” – the jewelcase-version is still available in the shop . Thanks to all the people who preordered “Echogenetic” so far!



Mesh are playing in Mannheim

Good news for Mesh-Fans:  the band from Bristol just announced that they will play at Super Schwarzes Mannheim on 7th of September. Spetsnaz and Portion Control will also be there.



Of Lust And Desire – Pride and Fall return after six years of silence

Of Lust And Desire

“Pride and Fall”, Norwegians Future Pop darlings will be back with a new new album on August, 30th, following a 6 year “sabbatical”, after their successful third album “In My Time Of Dying”. The trio around singer Sigve Monsen started dusting off their olod studio gear two years ago for the work on “Of Lust And Desire”. The first edition of the album will be a limited digipack in a UV-coating. The album can be pre-ordered at the Dependent-Shop.
Interesting newsbit for fans: Not only is the band going to headline the Friday, of the UK industrial festival Infest (23rd of August), but will also be giving a specific fan  meet and greet session during the festival. Additionally, the album will be available first for exclusive purchase at Infest, one week before its official release.



"Click Click" are going to release new album in fall

The british electro pioneers “Click Click” announce a new album with new studio recording in fall this year. The working title for the new album of the band is currently is “Those Nervous Surgeons”, a sign that the record musically converges toward the older recording of the band. According to Drummer Derek Smith they “close the circle” in their musical development: Fans might recognize the title: “Those Nervous Surgoens” was the name of the band before they changed it to “Click Click”. “Those Nervous Surgoens” is the first studio-release in 16 years after the 1997 album “Shadowblack”. Additionally Click Click announces various live concerts this October, after playing a live set at the prestigious Infest-Festival in Bradford. 




7-inch-single of Last Dance with exclusive Dupont-Remix

Finally, the 7-inch vinyl single of Covenant has arrived at the office of Dependent Records. Not only the title track "Last Dance" is included on the single, but also an exclusive remix by Dupont. Fans, who preordered the exclusive red vinyl edition, will get it soon. Today we sent out the first parcels. Who hasn’t preordered the vinyl-edition yet should do it now, there are only a few copies left in our shop. But this is no surprise since “Last Dance” is still at the top of the German Alternative Charts.



Adjust Your Set – MESH to release new single in the early Autumn

2013 has undoubtedly been the most exciting year to date in the long career of the British band Mesh. Commencing with the January release of the single ‘Born To Lie’, it was merely an appetiser for what was to come when their new album ‘Automation Baby’ followed shortly thereafter and made it all the way to no. 33 on the German album chart on the back of glowing reviews from both the media and – more importantly – their own growing fanbase. Having spent much of the year to date on the road, the song ‘Adjust Your Set’ is being readied for release as the second single from the album by Dependent Records and will be issued in September to coincide with a new set of tour dates. One of many electro-pop highlights on the record, the CD format will include three new mixes of the song and an exclusive B-side.

 “A strong, memorable and well-crafted album ****” CLASSIC POP (UK)



Echogenetic - also available as a double vinyl album


‘Powerful’ and ‘Electronic’. These two words describe ‘Echogenetic’, the brilliant new album by Canadian veterans Front Line Assembly that will be released on 12th July. Formats include a 2xLP album in a gatefold sleeve (with accompanying download code) that is limited to 1000 copies and will quickly become a collector’s item. The album can be ordered here.
There will also be a chance to hear the new songs in all their glory when FLA embark on a European tour in August with Haujobb in support.



Covenant take the Pole Position of German Alternativ Charts

Covenant hit the pole position of the German Alternative charts with their just-released EP “Last Dance”. Beside remixes of the title track there are three more songs on the EP – written by one band member each. The strictly-limited edition EP (3000 copies, only), can be pre-ordered in the Dependent shop. In addition, you can also listen to audio samples of the songs.


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