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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On

mind223-Seabound-Radiant Turbulence


Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind227-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution


Personal Revolution

mind228-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)


Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




mind225-IRIS-Radiant (Complete Edition)


Radiant (Complete Edition)


Covenant present new live member at E-Tropolis festival in Berlin – and new Single “Last Dance”

Covenant have just introduced their new band member Andreas Catjar at their headline show of Berlins E-tropolis Festival. In front of 2000 people not only the new live member was introduced but the swedes premiered also the new A-side single track “Last Dance” with a good response. Currently the band is putting the finishing touches onto “last Dance” in their studio in Helsingborg. “Last Dance” will be released in Early June as a limited Edition E.P. with six tracks in total and three exclusive B-Sides to prelude the first tunes of forthcoming album “Leaving Babylon”.




"Automation Baby" hits the Charts on Top-Positions

Automation Baby

With their current album „Automation Baby“ Mesh hit the german Media-Control-Charts at position 33. On the German Electronic Webcharts the new album went straight to the top position. Mesh are quiet happy about this high entry: „Thank you all for your support. This wouldn't be possible without you, the fans, who keep spreading the word about our music. We live and die for fans like you.“ But it is not only Germany where Mesh are quiet successful: they entered the European Alternative Charts on Position 1 whereas the new Depeche Mode Album "Delta Machine" is on seven. 
The previous album “A Perfect Solution” hit the charts in 2009 at number 89.



Four Dependent-Bands will play at Infest

Four Dependent-Bands are playing at the Infest in Bradford (UK): Covenant, Click Click, Chrysalide und Pride & Fall will enter the stage in between August the 23th and 25th in West-Yorkshire. You also get the chance to see Imperative Reaction, a band that is signed by our American partner Metropolis. For more information and tickets visit the website of the festival.




Ghost & Writer: Limited Single-Version of "Never Take Fire" is sold out

Never Take Fire

The limitied and signed version of the new Ghost & Writer single "Never Take Fire" is now sold out!
But three of the fours songs are still available for free here! It can be downloaded until the album "Red Flags" will be released.



Mesh - "Automation Baby" will be released on March, 15th

Automation Baby

On Friday, 15th of March, the long anticipated "Automation Baby"-Album from Mesh will be released. Fans are really looking forward to the material. The prerelease-single "Born To Lie" has raised interest as well as the fantastic "Making Of"-Video of the albums closing ballad "You Couldn't See This Coming". The video shows that the album has a very diverse and varied style. "Born To Lie" also scored pole positions on the German Alternative Charts as well as the European Alternative Charts. 

"Automation Baby" will be released in a 14-Track-Regular-Version as well as in a Limited-Edition-Box-Set including a full-metal-pin, two stickers and a bonus-cd with remixes and exclusive tracks. The Box-Set is limited to 2500 units, so there is certainly a good reason to place your order a little faster. To celebrate the release Dependent also raffles five exclusive Mesh-mugs off. Everybody who orders the Limited-Edition from our website takes part in the drawing lots. Order your copy of the regular album here and the limited edition here






Ghost & Writer: Download the Single „Never Take Fire“ for free!

Never Take Fire

As we announced before, the new Ghost & Writer Single "Never Take Fire" is now available for free.

Here you can download the tracks! 




A prologue to „Red Flags“: Ghost & Writer release free teaser single “Never Take Fire”

Never Take FireRed Flags

Ghost & Writers second album „Red Flags“ has turnt into an acoustic-electronic Film Noir. Musical short stories centering around characters driven by despair are forming a sharp contrast to the bright electronic aesthetic from Frank Spinath and his Belgium counterpart Jean-Marc Lederman.

Before the album is available on April 5th, through retail, there will be an impressive teaser-trailer (to stay in the cinematic language):  Only until the album release, the single “Never Take fire” will be available on the website of Dependent for free. Simultaneously this single will also be available in a limited number (68 handsigned and numbered copies available only) in the Dependent Shop. Because of the high quality of this advance single, it will be available on regular download platforms digitally after April 5th.



New Mesh Video: An intimate peek into the album production of “Automation Baby”

Automation Baby

There is a beat that makes us curious. Like Alice in Wonderland chasing the white rabbit, we have to follow this beat. It pulls us directly into a world of knobs, faders, switches and digital displays, the studio environment where MESH recorded their forthcoming album “Automation Baby”.

The beat is still there. It is the heartbeat of “You Could Not See This Coming”, the albums intimate closing ballad, that the band worked on finishing the album. And we are allowed to peek over Mark’s and Rich’s shoulders, seeing them building this wonderful track, that creates quite a contrast to the first single, and shows a different facette of the new MESH-Album to be released.

Preorder the new album here


KUNST is coming in March – KMFDM is coming in April.


KUNST, KMFDM and Carnage are not only linked together by alliteration: Early march will see the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “WTF!?” album in Europe: KUNST will be released in Europe, and is equipped with an artwork that spells the tongue-in-cheek provocation that the outfit is known for. The bare-chested heroine who gives a massive wooden cross an unvoluntary date with a chainsaw is not only a reference to the ucraine feminism-group FEMEN, but also to the “Pussy Riot” riots, whom KMFDM have dedicated a full song to on their album. KUNST is coming as the mix between cluboriented synthlines and guitardriven industrial metal that KMFDM is known for.

The soundcarrier is due in March, and the band will grace European stages throughout April. Germany, France and the UK will get the KUNST-treatment. Don’t miss the showdates in our “On Tour” section. 





Leaving Babylon: New Covenant-album out in September 2013

With 2011’s Modern Ruin still a fresh memory, Covenant is already back in the studio working on a follow-up, tentatively titled Leaving Babylon. Featuring material that spans from Northern Light-era demos to brand-new creations, Leaving Babylon promises to be a bold new direction for the band. Beat-heavy yet introspective; Leaving Babylon is Covenant’s sonic exploration into uncharted emotional waters. It’s the feeling of memory made sound—the melancholy of Sweden in the wintertime, the strange beat of electric hearts, and the longing for forgotten parties.

It's time to listen. It's time to heed the sound of the sirens. What are they telling us? Who is really playing the tunes we dance to? We are not Leaving Babylon. Not yet.

Leaving Babylon Club Night Tour plus Special Guests & DJs

12.09. Duisburg - Pulp
13.09. Magdeburg - Factory
14.09. Hamburg - Markthalle
15.09. Hannover - Musikzentrum
17.09. Frankfurt - Batschkapp
18.09. München - Backstage
19.09. Nürnberg - Hirsch
20.09. Erfurt - Gewerkschaftshaus
21.09. Dresden - Reithalle / Straße E
22.09. Berlin - C Club

Tickets:  Amphi-Shop!

More dates over Europe to come!

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