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Informatik – Arena on Dependent


The regrouped label hit-makers from Dependent appear to be in full gear right from the start. In addition to the Kilowatts & Vanek and Septic 8 sampler, the release of the new album “Arena” by the American electro outfit INFORMATIK is also announced for September. The electro project comprised of DA5ID DIN (DIN FIV) and Tyler Newman (Battery Cage) has only gained notice in Europe as an insider tip so far, but they have long been filling concert halls in the USA and have already released quite a number of albums there.

In contrast to the common “harder, faster, darker” trend, Informatik emphasize emotion and catchiness, which is reflected most in the anthemic melodies that are pleasantly reminiscent of old Apoptygma Berzerk classics such as “Mourn” and “Bitch” or even the strong vocoder vocals of DA5ID DIN: “Our music is about emotions and making a statement. The technology behind it is just a means to an end.”


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