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Turn The Lights On

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Radiant Turbulence

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Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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Personal Revolution

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Radiant (Complete Edition)


"A Perfect Solution" Tour - first week a great success!

Informatik Live

With their melodic and poppy sound, it wasn't hard for the American trio Informatik to get the crowd at the Hamburg Markthalle moving on opening night. The Californians' unique take on synth-pop was the perfect warm-up for Mesh, who treated the audience to a furious 90 minute set (plus two encores) and a fantastic new lightshow.

We don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't yet seen it, but here you can catch a glimpse of the stage just before the start of the show.

Mesh, Informatik, and opening act Janosch Moldau have left behind similarly excited audiences in Rostock, Leipzig, Wien and Braunschweig. According to online forums, quite a few attendees of the Rostock and Leipzig shows were so impressed that they're toying with the idea of traveling to next week's concerts in Erfurt or Berlin.
Mesh Live

The tour dates

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Mesh Single in the German charts

Mesh - Only BetterGreat success for the first single release after the reopening of Dependent: The Mesh single "Only Better" climbed the German Media Control charts to position 84 this week!



Now available! Septic VIII

Septic VIIIThe highly acclaimed Septic VIII compilation hit the shelves today. You can prelisten to all Septic VIII tracks in two very special DJ-mixes mixes by Dr. Klahn on the compilations own MySpace Profile



Dependent announces Septic VIII compilation for September: "Maybe the best Septic to date".

Announcing Septic VIII, the Dependent team proves that they still know how to put a compilation together.  The Septic Compilation series has been hailed as one of the best compilation in the scene, and its 8th installment is on its way to be released on September 11th. As always, the compilation will showcase a unique mix between exclusive and rare tracks and remixes from popular artists, and newcomer bands alike. This volume will feature new tracks from forthcoming albums of artists like Velvet Acid Christ, MESH, Edge Of Dawn and Informatik as well as club-compatible stuff and rare mixes from KMFDM vs. Skold, Apparat, Acretongue, Encephalon and Non Plus Ultra. Also, some other eagerly awaited projects like Ghost & Writer (side project of Seabound's Frank Spinath and Jean-Marc Lederman from The Weathermen) and Gary Zon's Aerodrone will release their first officially distributed tracks here.

Dependent Chief Stefan Herwig, who put the compilation together himself, is really proud on this one: "I am really happy with the end result on Septic VIII because we really managed to put together a lot of rare and exclusive, yet absolutely outstanding tracks for this compilation. I think this might be the best Septic Compilation up to date so far, and this surprised me especially in regards to one particular discovery: contrary to public perception, this scene is not weak on new talent or exciting new sounds and bands. The truth is the opposite, there are a lot of well-hidden artists that are definitely worth checking out. However they don’t seem to reach large parts of their audience anymore, as the familiar structure of media and clubs is slowly starting to fall apart and as a result of that, people do miss out on a lot of good bands. Myspace does really not make up to it, contrary to the public perception. The often acclaimed "Viral" effect of the internet does favour bands that are already popular, but not bands that are fresh, yet unknown. So perhaps a compilation like Septic VIII is more important today than it was ten years ago, when we started the series."

Stefan Herwig



Informatik – Arena on Dependent


The regrouped label hit-makers from Dependent appear to be in full gear right from the start. In addition to the Kilowatts & Vanek and Septic 8 sampler, the release of the new album “Arena” by the American electro outfit INFORMATIK is also announced for September. The electro project comprised of DA5ID DIN (DIN FIV) and Tyler Newman (Battery Cage) has only gained notice in Europe as an insider tip so far, but they have long been filling concert halls in the USA and have already released quite a number of albums there.

In contrast to the common “harder, faster, darker” trend, Informatik emphasize emotion and catchiness, which is reflected most in the anthemic melodies that are pleasantly reminiscent of old Apoptygma Berzerk classics such as “Mourn” and “Bitch” or even the strong vocoder vocals of DA5ID DIN: “Our music is about emotions and making a statement. The technology behind it is just a means to an end.”


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