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The Birthday Massacre - first prelistening clip now online!

The Birthday Massacre

Today Wednesday July, 14 The Birthday Massacre as promised have posted the first new song clip from their forthcoming album "Pins And Needles" which will be released September, 17 on Dependent´s sub-label Cellar Door.

The band will repeat this every Wednesday with an additional audio-clip until about 6 songs are up in total.

You can listen to the tracks right here:

The Birthday Massacre @ Myspace

The Birthday Massacre @ Facebook

The Birthday Massacre @ Vampire Freaks

You also can pre-order the album now here



Record breaking DAC rankings!

Dependent DAC

Nearly unbelievable - We're pleased and proud to announce that all top slots on the DAC Album Chart have been taken now by the current Dependent releases!

1. Edge of Dawn - "Anything That Gets You Through The Night"

2. Decoded Feedback - "Aftermath"

3. Front Line Assembly - "Improvised.Electronic.Device"



The Birthday Massacre new Album "Pins and Needles" confirmed for european release!

Birthday Massacre - Pins and Needles

Dependent today confirms September 17th., 2010 as the European release date for The Birthday Massacre’s fourth studio album  ”Pins And Needles” on their sub label “Cellar Door”.

Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, Toronto based synth rock band The Birthday Massacre create a captivating hybrid of 80's electronica and aggressive guitars, curiously fused with cinematically dark melodic progressions.

With the new album entitled “Pins And Needles”, The Birthday Massacre further refine the unique sound explored on the bands highly acclaimed previous albums: Walking With Strangers, Violet, and the classic debut Nothing and Nowhere. From the opening notes of the lead off track “In The Dark” to the closing chimes of “Secret”, it is evident that “Pins And Needles” is The Birthday Massacre at its collective best. The interplay of driving guitar and rhythm sections, the captivating vocals, and atmospheric keyboards envelop the listeners.

“Pins And Needles“, mixed David Ogilvie (producer of Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, Killing Joke) promises to be a harder and darker experience than all previous albums, contrasted by the shining melodic vocals of front singer Chibi.

The Birthday Massacre once again lead us down the rabbit hole, and once again invite us to explore the magical wonderland it has created. The band will upload album snippets on their MySpace site shortly, as well as a dedicated website for the new album.



DAC back in Dependent hands!

Dac Charts

We're pleased to announce the first two slots on the DAC Album Chart have been taken again by Edge Of Down with "Anything That Gets You Through The Night" and Decoded Feedback with "Aftermath".
While Front Line Assembly defends the top slot of the Singles Chart with "Shifting Through The Lens", the big surprise of the week is Decoded Feedback's "Silent Killer", which stormed into the Top 10 despite having not seen release as a single!

Clearly DJs are screaming for a single release of this club burner and we can now confirm an "Extended Mix" of this track to see release no later than the next Septic sampler.



Front Line Assembly on the Billboard Charts!

Billboard Charts

“The international press praised the quality of the new Front Line Assembly album "Improvised. Electronic. Device" in glowing terms. Now the material gets the success it deserved:
The single "Shifting Through The Lens" reached #13 in the Billboard Single Sales Charts last week!”

FLA mastermind Bill Leeb pleased comments "We are really happy about the buzz and all the good feedback. This is the first time in many years that we have a release on the Billboard charts. The situation reminds me just a little of the time when "Provision” and “Mental Distortion" made the `Single of the week´ in Melody Maker and we had a similarly good buzz on our releases. It seems with the new single we have found new listeners and also have recovered our old ones."

With a couple of more hard-hitting tracks on deck, we can't wait to see where the album "Improvised Electronic Device" strikes next.



Available from tomorrow: Front Line Assembly - Improvised.Electronic.Device

Front Line Assembly

Always expanding and reconstructing electronic and industrial music to its breaking point while keeping rhythm and melody intact, Front Line Assembly are preparing to unleash the latest chapter in their storied history with the release of "Improvised Electronic Device" tomorrow on Dependent. "I.E.D. is definitely furthering the direction of the band and sound, creatively and artistically."

The press already got their copies of the album and pronounce:

"Act of the Month -- what other bands aspire to."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"The ideal mix of industrial metal and sophisticated electronics... a rocking, grooving banger of an album! ... lovingly detailed arrangements and superheavy production hits the nail on the head."
- Zillo Musikmagazin

"...the first album since 'Hard Wired' which is convincing from beginning to end and, moreover, is stylistically related to these glorious days. What more can you say? Great, perhaps. No: really great! "
- Gothic Magazine

"...the triumphant rebirth of classic Front Line Assembly: monstrous and almost epic refrains with arching melodies that lend a special touch to even the hardest numbers."
- Klangwelt

"Improvised Electronic Device is an amazing body of work that only true masters of Industrial music could have composed."
-Crazy Brutal

"Seldom have rhythm guitars and typical EBM basslines been heard in such perfect harmony."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"The wait has been worth it: Front Line Assembly delivers a powerful banger of an LP."
- Nachtaktiv

"'Improvised Electronic Device' showcases a rejuvenated FLA: the EBM pioneers sound more rested and innovative than they have in years. Recommended!"
- Elektrauma


 Extensive snippets from the album please find here



Kilowatts & Vanek - Live premiere!

Kilowatts & Vanek

The lineup of the upcoming EBMfest 2010 festival coming to Toronto announce the North American / Canadian live premiere of the Dependent Act Kilowatts & Vanek (USA/BE) beside artists like Celldweller (USA), Ecraft (Germany) and Psyche (GER/CDN).Last year the Kilowatts & Vanek debut "Focus & Flow" got the Album Of The Month & Newcomer Of The Month recommendations in the Zillo Magazine, a 10/10 Points review and „Newcomer Of The Month“ title in Orkus Magazine and was also highly acclaimed by several other magazines, too.

So now you get the first chance to listen to these great songs performed live on stage on October 9th in Toronto, Canada.




Septic IX

Septic IX

The work on "Septic IX" has just begun. Dependent have been releasing this annual ground-breaking comp for the last ten years, personally compiled by label founder Stefan Herwig, the series focuses on creating new hits rather than compiling existing ones.

Comprised of equal parts unsigned bands and established acts, the Septic tracklist represents rare and unreleased material judged to have maximum clubhit potential : the Septic series has helped bands like VNV Nation, The Retrosic, SITD, Seabound, Pride And Fall and many more achieve their iconic status in alternative clubs worldwide. Stylistically, the Septic series runs the gamut of the EBM / Electro scene and beyond, with bands like Anthony Rother, The Delta, Juno Reactor and Mind.In.A.Box fitting right into the sampler's concept.

So if you have THE track or remix in your machine, which you think it should not be missed on the next Septic installment, bring it on and quickly send it to us.



Dismantled live on tour with Combichrist in Europe!

Dismantled Live

All dates are with Combichrist and Rabia Sorda except the 30th, which is a festival date with Mindless Faith and Skinny Puppy and the 31st in Ghent Belgium is with We Got This Far (check out Septic VIII).

26.07.2010 F    Paris  / Le Divan du Monde with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
28.07.2010 UK    Newcastle / Legends with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
29.07.2010 UK    Glasgow / Classic Grand with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
30.07.2010 NL     Stennwijk / GothicFest with Skinny Puppy, Mindless Faith
31.07.2010 BE     Ghent / TBC with We Got This Far
01.08.2010 UK     Birmingham / Eddie`s Rock Club with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
02.08.2010 UK     Manchester / Moho with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
03.08.2010 UK     Bristol / Tunnels with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
04.08.2010 UK     London / Electric Ballroom with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist
07.08.2010 CH     Zurich / Dynamo with Rabia Sorda, Combichrist



Dependent DAC hat-trick!

Dependent DAC Leadership

This week the German Alternative Charts show the newest Dependent releases at all top positions:
A dual top on the album charts with Decoded Feedback and Edge Of Dawn and on the single charts the Front Line Assembly single defends again it´s leading postion #1!


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