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Psychogenesis (regular edition)


SEPTIC IX Compilation - Prelistening excerpts “in the mix” online now. 16 minutes hottest Electro-Industrial for free!

Septic IV

Here now please find the first impressions of SEPTIC IX.
As with the previous edition of Septic [Then exercised at MySpace. Dr. Klahn has turned on his mixing desk again and created two new 16 mins mixes from XXL snippets of the SEPTIC IX album, too.
Mix Part 1 is now online and the second part (containing the other half of the SEPTIC IX audio samples) will follow next Friday. Already the week after, the sampler itself will be available at the stores and will feature all the tracks in their original running time and unmixed form.

Click here for the mix!



The Birthday Massacre - New video clip

Even now the first The Birthday Massace video clip from the new album get his final cut.

The Toronto based electro-goth-rock band whose new album "Pins and Needles" will be released September 17 in Europe through the Dependent sub-label Cellar Door, will be premiering their latest video “In the Dark” at the Festival of Fear in Toronto. (Saturday, August 28, at 5 pm in Room 206A at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre).

The clip was co-directed by the band’s guitarist/songwriter Michael Falcore and Rodrigo Gudiño, the founder of Rue Morgue (Horror in Culture and Entertainment, Canada), in a hot studio in the east end of Toronto over the course of an early July weekend. The clip will also be available here as a stream soon, so watch this space.

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SEPTIC IX compilation completed!

The latest installment in the Septic series is completed, mastered and ready to get released.

Septic IX Infectious Electro Industrial Future Pop Compilation

Street date will be September 24th and here is what you waiting for, the final tracklisting:

Various Artists - SEPTIC IX  - An Infectious Electro Industrial Future Pop Compilation Album
01   Mindless Self Indulgence - "Never Wanted To Dance" [Combichrist Electro Hurtz Mix] ***
02   Dismantled - "The Whore Inside Me" [The Remix! by Clicks!] *
03   Edge Of Dawn - "Stage Fright" [Steril Remix] *
04   Imperative Reaction - "Without" ***
05   Comaduster - "Foam Abattior" [feat. Cecil Frena] **
06   Front Line Assembly - "Attack The Masses" **
07   Rotersand - "First Time" [Club Re-Work] *
08   Decoded Feedback - "Silent Killer" [Deathrow Mix] *
09   [ cell 7 ] - "Losing My Religion" [R.E.M. Cover] **
10   Pail - "Silence" [Septic Edit] *
11   Cryo - "Hit Me Once" [Afraid Of The Mix] *
12   FÏX8:SËD8 - "Monolith" [Almost Infinite FPR Extend] *
13   Portion Control - "Amnesia" [Beta.01] ***
14   No.Not.Never - "Cold Hearted" [Paula Abdul Cover]
15   Fractured  - "Dig" *

* unreleased
** first time on CD
*** hard to find track or version

Prelistening clips will be available here soon, so watch this space.
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Dependent Shop

 After successfully completing their tour with Combichrist, Dismantled kindly have made a few shirts for our shop available.
There are two different printings:
Dismantled - "Armed And Ready" (Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Dismantled - "Cover Artwork"  (Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Front Line Assembly also kindly left us a few goodies for our shop:
Army Dog-Tags (Black Metal) with FLA Logo
Sticker: "FLA Logo"
Sticker: "I.E.D."
Large Tourposter (84cm x 59.5cm , 250g artboard, 4+0C printing)

check our Shop here...




Mind.In.A.Box support Front Line Assembly live on tour this Fall! are without a doubt the shooting stars of the domestic electro-industrial scene. While their 2004 debut „Lost Alone“ was well received by the international press, it was the follow-up „Dreamweb“ that marked the real breakthrough for the Austrian duo, showcasing an expert combination of electronic styles and influences from techno to EBM to trance and beyond.

While the following albums „Crossroads“ and „R.E.T.R.O“, along with the single „8 Bits“, all found deserved spots in the upper regions of the German Alternative Charts, the duo continued to refuse offers to perform live until last summer, when after a year of preparations, they appeared as a five-piece at the Arvika Festival to critical acclaim.

Since then the band has played live periodically, surfacing at the Norwegian Elektrostat Festival and Berlin’s E-Tropolis and garnering ever more postivie enthusiastic reviews. Now, we’re pleased to announce the band’s first full-length tour as support for the 19-show European leg of Front Line Assembly’s current world tour.

It may be a cliche, but seriously: you don’t want to miss this!    

Here are the complete tourdates:

30.09.2010 - Frankfurt, Batschkapp, Germany
01.10.2010 - Hannover, Musikzentrum, Germany
03.10.2010 - Oberhausen, Saint, Germany
05.10.2010 - Hamburg, Logo, Germany
06.10.2010 - Gothenburg, Brew House, Sweden
07.10.2010 - Stockholm, Debaster, Sweden
08.10.2010 - Malmö, KB, Sweden
09.10.2010 - Arhus, Voxhall, Denmark
10.10.2010 - Berlin, Columbia Club, Germany
12.10.2010 - Leipzig, Werk II, Germany
13.10.2010 - Lodz, Dekampresja, Poland
14.10.2010 - Munich, Backstage, Germany
16.10.2010 - Budapest, Petofi Hall, Hungary
17.10.2010 - Ljubiljana, Kino Siska, Austria
18.10.2010 - Vienna, Planet Music, Austria
20.10.2010 - Paris, Le Bus Palladium, France
21.10.2010 - Stuttgart, Röhre, Germany
22.10.2010 - Aarau, Kiff, Switzerland
23.10.2010 - Padova, Revolver, Italy




The Birthday Massacre fans storm social network portals

The Birthday Massacre

With just over four weeks until their album drops, The Birthday Massacre have recorded 20,000 to 30,000 plays of the new material on various social networking sites such as MySapce. One thing is clear: the fans are ready and waiting! And rightly so: „Pins and Needles“ is in our opinion the band’s best release to date and will soon be the standard against which all others in the genre will be measured against.

The Birthday Massacre

Check out audio snippets from “Pins And Needles“ here



SEPTIC IX Compilation coming 24 September

Septic Compilation

That’s right...the latest installment in the Septic series is almost on its way to the mastering studio and it will be available on 24 September. The final tracklisting and cover will be announced here soon, so watch this space.

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Front Line Assembly – “Angriff“ is the hit!

After 5 weeks in the DAC singles charts, peaking this week at #2, it’s clear that the DJs have selected the album track „Angriff“ as the follow-up single to Front Line Assembly album’s massive clubhit „Shifting Through The Lens“. Accordingly, Dependent will release the „Angriff EP“, featuring remixes of the title track as well as unreleased material, this October in time for the FLA tour with

The original version of "Angriff" can be found here



Dismantled wrap up successful European tour

Dismantled on Tour

During the past two weeks Dismantled have demonstrated on 10 European stages exactly how to rock without guitars. The British fans were particularly enthralled by the San Diego band’s sweaty, energetic performances as support for Combichrist. Let’s hope that with the release of their upcoming album „Hate Is Coming“, Dismantled can once again find their way to visit at least a few German cities.




The Birthday Massacre - First XL snippets online!

The Birthday Massacre - Pins and Needles

Two Wednesdays have passed, so The Birthday Massacre now have a total of four new songs from the forthcoming album "Pins And Needles" in the players of their various websites (myspace, VF, facebook).
And now Dependent enrich this prelistening collection! Of course not with further tracks (which you have to wait for till next Wednesday when the band will host them live) but with the typical Dependent  "XL Snippets" what means, full 2 minutes of every song to listen to. So check out the player here and enjoy the snippets in longer versions.


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