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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On

mind223-Seabound-Radiant Turbulence


Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind227-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution


Personal Revolution

mind228-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)


Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




mind225-IRIS-Radiant (Complete Edition)


Radiant (Complete Edition)


Weekly special shop offer: Seabound / Pride and Fall Bundle

Well, look what the cleaning lady found on her last excursion in our Dependent warehoused: A real rare collectors item that we will offer along with a really cool bundle.

Seabound / Pride And Fall limited tour CD from 2004 (tracklist below), + Seabound - Poisonous Friend E.P. + Pride And Fall - Elements Of Silence

VERY limited quantities & only while supplies last.  >>have a look here

Tracklist Tour CD:
1. Watching Over You (Beacon In The Night mix)
2. Floating (feat. Andrew Sega)

Pride And Fall
1. Angel
2. December (Below Zero mix)




Edge Of Dawn reveal further details about forthcoming EP!

Edge of Dawn

Edge Of Dawn - ”Anything That Gets You Through The Night“ was the unusual title of the second Edge Of Dawn album, a collaboration between the creative force of Mario Schumacher and Seabound vocalist/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath. Release at the end of this past May, the album won the hearts and praise of the fans and press alike and found its way to the top of the DAC. Darkly hypnotic, this techically and stylistically mature album delivered a surprising number of melodic hits for electro-industrial clubs, chief among them ”Stage Fright“ which spent the entire summer in the charts.
Following up on the track’s success, the synth-pop duo now bring us not just a single but an entire ”Stage Fright“ EP complete with 2 remixes of the title song along with brand new unreleased tracks. Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Destroid) contributes the `Regenade of Noise´ remix of ”In Your Sleep“ alongside mixes from both established names like Steril and Rotersand as well as newcomers like Cryo and Acretongue. The new tracks ”Up“ and ”Enchanted“ are reminiscent of the high points of the album and if you look at the total running time, this EP is practically a new album itself. And not enough, the album also includes a 12-page booklet and in it you will find
a download code for 2 additional tracks!



Front Line Assembly - Angriff EP limited quantity available now!

Front Line Assembly - Angriff EP

It seems a few copies of the limited "Angriff" EP will be left after the FLA tour which ends on Saturday at Venice, Italy. So a limited quantity of this special item is now available at all important German mailorders and at our shop.

Also a promotional video clip of the track "Abgriff" is available now. You can watch the clip here


Veil Veil Vanish – Anthem for a Doomed Youth (Director's Cut)



Veil Veil Vanish debut album received high praise from press!

Veil Veil Vanish - Album des Monats

A successful first feedback to the Veil Veil Vanish Album which will be released in Germany in exactly two weeks : The Orkus magazine has listened to their advanced copy and entitled "Change In The Neon Light" to the "Album of the Month" and also dedicated the band  a three-page "Newcomer of the Month”- Story containing an interview!


Preview audio clips and also a video clip from the Veil Veil Vanish debut album "Change In The Neon Light" you can find





First Ghost & Writer album mastered by Daniel B. of Front 242!

Ghpst & Writer - Ship Wrecks

Ghost & Writer, the project of Frank M. Spinath (Seabound, Edge Of Dawn) and Jimmyjoe Snark III (The Weathermen) is today's musical equivalent to Oscar Wilde playing drums in Edgar Varèse's electro band. Together they create moving four-minute-scenarios you can never trust as they bounce from one climate to another, creating a world equally beautiful and dangerous. Mean little stories blown up to cinematic proportions. Stranded and battered electronic memorials of better days. And yet, so fresh it almost hurts.

Now the project announce their first full length album entitled "Shipwrecks". It shall feature 8 original Ghost & Writer tracks and also 8 re-creations by e.g. File Not Found, Edge Of Dawn, Diskonnekted, Iris and Acretounge. Last but not least the CD will be mastered by Daniel B. of Front 242.

“Shipwrecks” shall be released at the end of January on Dependent.




The tracklisting of the eagerly awaited new Edge Of Dawn EP is announced!

Edge of Dawn - Stage Fright

The tracklisting of the eagerly awaited new Edge Of Dawn EP is announced! Six months after their successful album "Anything That Gets You Through The Night" and after the album track "Stage Fright" has persisted on the DAC single charts without being a regular single for the entire summer, the synthpop project nearly has finished their work on a new 8-track Single EP which will be entitled “Stage Fright EP”

Edge Of Dawn – “Stage Fright EP“

01 Stage Fright (Steril Remix)
02 Valid World (Acretongue Remix)
03 Up (A Cold Case)
04 Enchanted
05 In Your Sleep (Renegade Of Noise Remix)
06 Up (A Cold Case) (Rotersand Remix)
07 Capsized (Cryo Remix)
08 Stage Fright (Splitter Remix)

The "Renegades Of Noise Remix" of the song "In Your Sleep" was created by Daniel Meyer (Haujobb / Destroid). Furthermore, alternate established electro-acts such as Steril and Rotersand and high-potential newcomers like Cryo and Acretongue have contributed remix versions to the EP.

The new titles "Up" and "Enchanted" sustain the momentum of their album highlights and if you have a look at the total running time you almost will have a complete new Edge Of Dawn album in your shelf. The EP will be released in the first week of December by Dependent.




DAC Charts reinfected by further SEPTIC installment!

Septic on DAC

This week the current volume of Dependent´s highly acclaimed SEPTIC Compilation series entered the German Alternative Charts (DAC) on position 2. The sampler who will get the Zillo Magazine seal "of high electronic value" in their forthcoming issue is the ninth installment in this series and again combines a wealth of fresh sounds from all corners of the EBM Electro-Industrial and Futurepop scene.
Here you will find further information including extensive prelistening clips.



The Birthday Massacre in the charts!

The Birthday Massacre

No, we don’t mean their place at the top of the DAC album charts, which the’ve held for the past three weeks, but instead the German Media Control charts, where tomorrow The Birthday Massacre’s new album „Pins and Needles“ will enter the Top 100!

With a video for „In The Dark“ in rotation on British TV and an album in the German pop charts, where will frontwoman Chibi and her band of Canadian gothic rockers strike next?

The album can be previewed online here



SEPTIC IX Compilation - Now available!

Septic IX Sampler

The new volume of the SEPTIC Compilation series now hit the shelves. The press has already heard the sampler and proclaims:

Septic IV

"These compilations you can buy a friend. Listening to it is fun, you will get a lot of new music for your money and there is always something to explore. Nice that someone still makes the effort in compiling those compilation albums."
- Medienkonverter

"Septic IX" is a must for any lover of electronic music, with the desire for new, interesting stuff. Recommended!"
-  Gothic Magazine

‘Septic IX’ once again delivers a quality mix of different styles in electronic music and with projects such as PAIL, [CELL 7] and especially the very strong COMADUSTER puts about new names adding a fresh new wind.
"Total: 8.5 / 10"

- Reflections Of Darkness



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