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mind223-Seabound-Radiant Turbulence


Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

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Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On


Full details about forthcoming new Fractured album!

Tales of the legendary island of Atlantis, said to have sunk beneath the waves “in a single day and night of misfortune”, have been told for more than 2,400 years. No matter that it never existed, the fabled continent has been the subject of thousands of books over the centuries, a testament to the enduring power of the Atlantis myth.
Still, it is perhaps an unexpected theme to be taken up by a Canadian electro-industrial project. On the other hand, “Canadian electro” has always stood for complex and profound sounds identified with acts like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Numb and Decoded Feedback, so it’s a small step to move from complex sounds to complex themes.
This thematic challenge is taken up by Fractured on the second full-length, “Beneath The Ashes”. Anyone expecting sterile or overly convoluted sounds is on the wrong track, as this time around Fractured have incorporated a range of organic elements such as acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements to bring a new depth to their music. At times reminiscent of a soundtrack, this is a dense and compact album that never stays too long in one place, maintaining an air of tension throughout, just like an ancient continent foreshadowing its destruction. In other words, never a dull moment: club-ready electro tracks alternate with gentle ballads, always keeping the listener on her toes.
Extra large audio snippets of the album you will find here.
The album will be released on March 25th and can be pre-ordered here.



New goodies now available at our shop!

Dependent shirts in 3 sizes and also large Dependent stickers are available now. A few last FLA shirts are left from the tour.
Also you can pre-order KMFDM "Krank", the new Fractured album and the "Dependent Club Anthems" and "Dependence 2011" compilation albums.
Check out our shop here



KMFDM "WTF?!" album cover stolen from record companies website!


That was a close one: directly following the announcement of its' April release date, a few computer-savvy fans "stole" the cover art of the forthcoming KMFDM album “WTF?!” from a server of their US-based label Metropolis Records, and within minutes had leaked it onto a number of forums. The cover displays an attractive woman with a burning stick of dynamite – positioned in her cleavage.

After the initial surprise, KMFDM-head Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko realized that band and label had actually been rather lucky: “The album master was scheduled to be put on the same server just a few days later, it was fortunately still at the mastering studio in Los Angeles. Such an early leaking of this album would have been a complete catastrophe for us. Well, at least it goes well with the album title: WTF?!"

In the meantime KMFDM have also announced the remixer lineup of their forthcoming single “Krank” , to be released in Europe in the first half of March: among others, Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil, Komor Kommando) and Bill Rieflin (Revolting Cocks, Ministry) have rendered exciting mixes for "Krank". The single will also feature a rare B-side “Day Of Light”. Here you already can find audio snippets from the single and here you can pre-order your copy now.




Dependent launches "DJ Community": Forum, shop offers, interaction with labels


If you are a DJ for electronic and industrial music spinning regularly, this might be something for you: Dependent is launching a DJ community for industrial DJs in Europe and North America. The community will include a separate forum for DJs only (English & German). Registered DJs will also obtain limited special offers in the Dependent shop, the option to rate serviced Dependent releases online, direct interactions with the label, playlist threads, etc.
DJs instantly can register here



Double feature inexorable -- both new Dependent compilations are finalized and snippets are already online!

"The Past" meets "The Future": on 25 February, both Dependent compilations "Dependent Club Anthems" and "Dependence 2011" will be released at a special low price. The two compilations could equally be subtitled as "For Beginners" and "For Professionals", as "Club Anthems" contains all of Dependent's biggest club hits of the past decade including  "Leiermann" by Covenant, "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy" by Rotersand, "Stand Up" by Stromkern, the Suicide Commando classic "Hellraiser" and many more. If "Club Anthems" provides an overview of the label's past, "Dependence 2011" is a glimpse of the future, showcasing samples from Dependent releases of the next 9 months and beyond such as the new MESH remix album, tracks from newcomers Encephalon and Clicks!, and unreleased tracks and remixes from Front Line Assembly, Stromkern, Edge Of Dawn, Dismantled, and many more.

The complete tracklistings and xl-audio-snippets of both compilations you will find here:
        "Dependent Club Anthems"            "Dependence 2011"        

Here you can pre-order both compilation albums.
And here you will also find a short term special offer: Get your copy of  "Dependence 2011" plus a limited edition Dependent label-shirt!



Decoded Feedback will support Covenant on German tour!

The Canadian electro duo Decoded Feedback will support Covenant as one of two acts on their German tour dates in April this year, and present their latest album "Aftermath" for the first time in Germany. The second support will be the German act Patenbrigade: Wolff.

Here are the dates:

14.04.2011 DE - Duisburg - Pulp
15.04.2011 DE - Magdeburg - Factory
16.04.2011 DE - Dresden - Straße E
22.04.2011 DE - Frankfurt / Main - Batschkapp
23.04.2011 DE - Hannover - Capitol
24.04.2011 DE - Berlin - Columbia Club



Now available - Ghost & Writer - debut album "Shipwrecks"!

Now finally available, the long awaited debut album "Shipwrecks" by Jimmyjoe Snark III (then one half of The Weathermen, crafted the New Beat/EBM smash hit “Poison”) and Frank M. Spinath (vocalist for both Seabound and Edge of Dawn) as GHOST & WRITER.
Seldom has the combination of old and new been so creative and fruitful than on the first Ghost & Writer LP “Shipwrecks”. In keeping with the unconventionality of the entire project, each of the 8 album tracks is also featured in an alternative version, each re-worked by a different artist.
Snark and Spinath give conventional songwriting the cold shoulder and turn instead to brazenly modern structures as well as beloved yet nearly forgotten retro-elements, or as they put it: „Mean little stories blown up to cinematic proportions. Stranded and battered electronic memorials of better days. And yet, so fresh it almost hurts.“

To make your own decision what´s worth to buy next, here you can download the full track "Man On A Wire" for free.

And you also can listen to XL-snipptes of further album tracks here.



Dependent promise hot spring with two new compilation albums!

February 25th will see the release of two new Dependent compilations: first, a new instalment of the limited edition label compilation "Dependence 2011“, featuring brand new and unreleased material from Dependent artists like Front Line Assembly, Decoded Feedback, Informatik, System Syn, KMFDM, Edge Of Dawn, etc., and a second compilation "Dependent Club Anthems“ which, as the name suggests, will contain the biggest clubhits by Dependent bands such as Suicide Commando, Rotersand, Covenant, Seabound, Pride And Fall, etc.

While each track will be featured in its original club-ready form, the compilation will be mastered to 2011 standards for an additional punch. Short and sweet: 15 monster hits - remastered but original mixes.



Ghost & Writer – Free song from debut album already available!

It feels like an eternity since Jimmyjoe Snark III, at that time still using the moniker of The Weathermen, exploded onto the EBM and New Beat scene with the track “Poison“. Singer Frank Spinath, on the other hand, is known for his comparatively more recent projects Seabound and Edge of Dawn, both huge hits in among electro fans. Spinath managed to persuade Jimmyjoe to collaborate, and the result of their efforts will finally released as "Shipwrecks", the debut album of Ghost & Writer on January 28th.
Snark and Spinath give conventional songwriting the cold shoulder and turn instead to brazenly modern structures as well as beloved yet nearly forgotten retro-elements, or as they put it: „Mean little stories blown up to cinematic proportions. Stranded and battered electronic memorials of better days. And yet, so fresh it almost hurts.“
To make your own decision what´s worth to buy next, here you can download the full track "Man On A Wire" for free.




A first glimpse into the new KMFDM Single "Krank"

First prelistening clips of the forthcoming KMFDM Single Krank will be available here!
"Krank" is the band’s first single in over nine years and also a high-energy cocktail so check it out.

You already can pre-order your copy of "Krank" here


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