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KMFDM single holds steady on German Alternative Charts!

KMFDM's new single "Krank" holds steady at # 5 on the German Alternative Single Charts (DAC) this week for the 3rd straight week.

The upcoming KMFDM album "WTF?!" which contains 10 additional new smashers is to be released in only 3 weeks (April 29th) in Europe, Now you already can pre-order your copy of "WTF?!" right here.



SKOLD - First album teaser online!

End of next week (April 15) the new SKOLD 8-track digital single "Suck" will be available at all European download stores.
The title track "Suck" is a teaser of the upcoming new SKOLD full-length CD-album "Anomie" which is to be released May 20 in Europe. The remaining tracks (4 remixes and 3 b-sides) won’t be available on the album.

Beside "Suck" the "Anomie" longplayer will bring you 11 further brand new songs from the ex- Marilyn Manson co-producer and guitar player Tim Skold.
And while you wait, you can also check out the first teaser video clip for "Anomie" which contains audio snippets of the first 7 album tracks and some photo shots of the album booklet. You will find the teaser here. The second part will follow soon.

Also now you can pre-order your copy of the "Anomie" full-length CD-album here.



New Fractured album now available!

Now available, the long awaited new album "Beneath The Ashes" by the Canadian electro-industrial project Fractured.
A dense and compact album that never stays too long in one place, maintaining an air of tension throughout, just like an ancient continent foreshadowing its destruction. In other words, never a dull moment: club-ready electro tracks alternate with gentle ballads, always keeping the listener on her toes.

"Beneath The Ashes" already has made the "CD of the month" at, the Sonic Seducer magazine calls the album "The dancefloor soundtrack for the last party of a lost generation." and the Orkus Magazine predicts: "It will be very difficult to overtake this album. 9/10 points!".

Extra large audio snippets of the album you will find here.

You also can easily order the album here at our shop.



New Mesh album - Audio snippets online!

Audio samples from the upcoming new Mesh album "An Alternative Solution" are available now! Here you can prelisten to the whole album which is to be released May 20.

As announced, fans and collectors shall look for the limited first pressing, also containing a bonus CD with additional remixes and rare tracks which you already can pre-order here.



Details about the upcoming new Dismantled album!

Dismantled is the product of a musical experiment that began in late 2000 by Gary Zon, who was attempting to create something similar to Front Line Assembly's sound. As Gary began further sonic construction by drawing influences from television, movies, and music as well as adding vocals into the mix, his project developed a unique and progressive character. The resulting sound was a unique blend of very melodic, yet complex mix of layered electro-industrial merged with trance elements. Dismantled continues in this fashion with the new album "The War Inside Me".
After almost a decade after first signing with Dependent, Dismantled (Gary Zon) is now a veteran in this industry and his new release is a testament to that fact. This dark, brooding, emotional album shows huge artistic growth for Dismantled, while still keeping that edgy, powerful sound that has made them popular.

Dismantled mastermind Gary Zon about "The War Inside Me": "This is so much more than just an album for me, it's my life. I couldn't say that with any album I've done, but now living in a rehearsal space in downtown Lost Angeles, right inside the cracks of its diseased, urban sprawl has inspired me to take my art to levels never experienced before. The music is just the beginning, and the album artwork will be the first piece of the nightmare. Say tuned for a complete assault on the senses coming this summer."

Tracks to pay attention to include “Disease” with its 80's inspired bass, catchy synths and gloomy vocals, and “Black Heart” which rounds out the album in a cinematic manner. The album will be released in Europe at the end of June via Dependent.

The full tracklisting of "The War Inside Me":
01. Intro / 02. Insecthead / 03. Kill Or Be Killed / 04. Disease / 05. Dead On Impact / 06. Excess / 07. The Bathroom Floor / 08. The War Inside Me / 09. Scrape The Bullets From Your Eyes / 10. Can't See The Top / 11. Black Heart



SKOLD album ready to release in May!

SKOLD waylays 2011 with his first solo album in 15 years! After delivering a snarky 8-track digital online single entitled "Suck" on April 15, the stage is already set for the May 20 release of the full CD album: "Anomie".
As "Suck" set the beachhead for SKOLD’s assault on the musical landscape of the new year, "Anomie" takes up the flag and fearlessly charges headlong into the musical fray. The album flows seamlessly through the cocksure swagger of “(This Is My) Elephant” and “Satellite”, the machinegun-rhythms of “Angel Of Noise” seething menace of tracks like “Becoming” are perfectly balanced by the danceable, driving tempo of “Tonight”. Don’t be mistaken, the album has its intensely personal moments. The songs “Miserably Never After” and “The Hunger” show Tim Skold baring his heart, beautifully. Anomie proves SKOLD steps up once again, supplying sonic solvent for the huffing social cynics.

Here you already can pre-order your copy of "Anomie"

SKOLD - "Anomie" tracklisting:
01. (This Is My) Elephant / 02. Suck / 03. Black Out / 04. Angel Of Noise / 05. Satellite / 06. Becoming / 07. The Hunger / 08. Here Comes The Thunder / 09. And Then We Die / 10. Miserably Never Ever / 11. Tonight / 12. What You See Is What You Get / Digital release bonus tracks: 13  Polka Dot Dress / 14. Deserve



Latest releases storming The Charts!

Metropolis Records announced KMFDM's newest single "Krank" has hit #15 on the US Billboard Single Charts!

"Krank" also made #5 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) this week!

Regarding the DAC there is a further great news: "Dependence 2011" this week climbed to #2 of the album charts!



KMFDM are back! New single "Krank" now available!

The first release of the Electro-industrial legends KMFDM on Dependent is the high-energy cocktail "Krank“ (German for „sick“) and also the band’s first single in over nine years The single will feature the title track in three versions, including remixes from Skold and Komor Kommando, along with two versions of the b-side „Day Of Light“. Out on 10 March and the cover artwork will naturally be handled by longtime KMFDM collaborator Brute!
The single is now available and can be ordered here at our shop, too.





Edge Of Dawn present "Lucid Dreams" video, based on a true story

"Anything That Gets You Through The Night“ was the unusual title of the second album from Edge of Dawn, the collaboration between producer Mario Schumacher and Seabound singer/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath. Released at the end of May 2010 to praise from press and fans alike, the album spent multiple weeks at the top of DAC charts.
One of the high points of the album is the song "Lucid Dreams“, for which a video was filmed in early 2011. Edge Of Dawn singer Frank M. Spinath explains the story told in the song: “During my US tour with Seabound and Iris in Spring 2008 I heard a lot of different stories, some of them downright unsettling. One story in particular I found so fascinating that I eventually wrote it down, and out of that came the lyrics to “Lucid Dreams“.
A friend of mine was at a club and was approached by two attractive women who, under the auspices of taking him to a private party, got him into their car. In the car, together with the two women, was an unknown driver. After a short drive they picked up a rather grim and silent figure in a hooded sweatshirt who didn’t say a word. After a long drive, the group arrived at the rather distant locale where the party was apparently taking place, which turned out to be a desolate and solitary house. At this point, my friend became seriously concerned about his well being, and began to imagine that he was a pawn in some kind of foul plot. He eventually managed to escape through a bathroom window and ran for his life, hiding out for several hours in a cornfield until daybreak. This is an absolutely true story and so vividly did my friend relate to me his experience that I could do nothing but set it to lyrics, which contain some lines exactly as he told them to me, and many details of the original story.“

Now you can see the visual interpretation of Edge Of Dawn´s  “Lucid Dreams“ by American director Steffan Schulz here.
Those interested in a high-resolution version of the clip should make sure to grab next  issue (April 21) of the German Nachtaktiv magazine, which will include the ”Lucid Dreams“ video on an accompanying DVD.


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