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Imperative Reaction - New album now available!

From today the eagerly awaited new Imperative Reaction album is available at all European stores. The press already has heard the album and pronounce:

"Total: 9 / 10 - There are a lot of options for DJs to set their playlists up. For those, who prefer to enjoy music at home alone, four Californians also have something to show, as for example ‘What Is Left To Say’. All in all Imperative Reaction makes a great musical breakthrough with their new album. They opened electronic boundaries and let a rock demon out. So if you’re bored with classical Future Pop and alternative electronic don’t miss this album."  - Reflections Of Darkness

"Rating: 9/10 - The band deliver a solid 11-track masterpiece and nothing compared to its predecessors. Even if it sound like Imperative Reaction should do and no huge changes and nothing mind-blowing, they have succeeded with creating 11 strong tracks, every single track is actually really good, including both heavier tracks with strong bass and beats as well as catchy songs with powerful hooks and addictive melodies. Ted was right with saying this being their defining one."
  - Blackvector

"With this album there is no doubt that Imperative Reaction is headed straight to the top. Don’t dare to hit the pause button for fear that you may miss one more moment of the amazingly orchestrated chaos. Believe the hype, the boys are back." - NYC After Dusk

Here you can still listen to XL audio clips of all tracks from "Imperative Reaction" and at our shop you also can order your CD-copy of the album for a very special price.



Dependent Shop - special offer!

Special sale action now at the Dependent Shop! Our remaining stock of tour shirts that won´t be reprinted are now available for only 9,99 EUR! Check out the shop right here.



Dependent - Double electro newcomer release this October!

It's hard not to notice that the number of international newcomer releases in the electronic scene has fallen sharply in the last two years. Small wonder that in the era of YouTube and Rapidshare, it's more difficult than ever before for new bands to sell copies of an album.

In spite of the risks, Dependent have stepped up to the plate and this October will release two new international newcomer albums simultaneously. However, both ENCEPHALON from Canada and ACRETONGUE from South Africa (!) are sure to buck the trend and find favor with fans and buyers on the sheer strength of their material: "We worked over a year with both bands on their albums, refined the tracklists, production, and artwork, and the end result is two exceptional albums from newcomers that really have their own styles, who aren't simply clones of existing acts", wrote Dependent impresario Stefan Herwig in the label newsletter.

Ottawa's Encephalon unite an accessible and club-friendly sound with the outrageously good vocals of bandleader Matt Gifford. Elements of the classic Canadian electro-industrial sound are woven together with futurepop melodies in a way you've never quite heard before. Whereas many albums become one-dimensional in their singleminded pursuit of the dancefloor, Encephalon's debut "The Transhuman Condition" is remarkable for the depth and breadth of styles and ideas.

At the other end of the spectrum, Acretongue from South Africa take a more relaxed and surreal approach, using their samples and synth pads to create a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere reminiscent of a darker version of the labelmates The product of over 4 years of work, Nico Janse van Rensburg's fantastic debut "Strange Cargo" features some of the best cover art we've seen for some time.

Dependent will release both albums on 28.10 for a "Nice Price" and teaser tracks from both releases will be available on the Dependent website in short order. You can pre-order both albums for a very special price right now at our shop.



Imperative Reaction - Album snippets online!

Now here you can listen to XL audio clips of all tracks from "Imperative Reaction".
At our shop ou also can pre-order your CD-copy of the album which is to be released September 16.



Imperative Reaction - Free download of an unreleased song!

Once a band decides to name the sixth album after themselves you instantly realize that this album marks a significant change for them. Exactly this happened with Imperative Reactions current album and you immediately notice the different attitude once listening to it. “I decided that this album would be a new beginning for Imperative Reaction,” says Ted Phelps of the bands upcoming self-titled release. Showcasing an evolved sound that combines the band’s explosive live show with the precise, electronic anthems Imperative Reaction has built its name on, Imperative Reaction is as much a summation as it is a huge step forward for a band never content to rest on past successes. In Phelps’ words: “It is our defining album.”
Imperative Reaction is an electronic club-rock masterpiece that showcases a band in its prime; ready to blow any preconceived notions out of the water.
The album is to be released September 16 and can be pre-ordered at the shop right now.
One original song from this upcoming, highly anticipated new Imperative Reaction album is now available for free! “Siphon”, with it’s dance beat and sing-song chorus, proves that the band can update its sound without losing its club roots. Here you can get the song.



Decoded Feedback - Live in Germany!

Decoded Feedback will support Covenant also on the second part of their "Modern Ruin" tour in Germany. Here are the first confirmed dates:

02.12.    Leipzig, Hellraiser       
03.12.    Augsburg, Kantine                                   
04.12.    Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal  
09.12.    Braunschweig, Meiers Music Hall       
10.12.    Hamburg, Markthalle       
11.12.    Krefeld, Kulturfabrik



News on upcoming Dependent releases

The release date of the eagerly-awaited debut album "The Transhuman Condition" from the Canadian electro-industrial newcomer Encephalon has been confirmed now. From 21 October you can finally hold the Encephalon CD album in your hands! During this period, the previously announced new limited edition Click Click EP "Skin & Bones" will hit the shelfes too. Also the work on the anniversary release of the Septic compilation series has begun. As usual also the tenth volume in this successful series will provide a few surprises, so stay tuned!



Dismantled – "Insecthead" video clip online now!

The song "Insecthead" quickly revealed itself as a highlight of the current Dismantled album "The War Inside Me". After a 30-second promo clip, now there is finally a full length video available. According to the description of Dismantled mastermind Gary Zon "unwatchable and may cause seizures. You've been warned". At your own risk here you will find the clip.

Here you also can still listen to the whole album and here you even can download the full track "Excess" from "The War Inside Me" for free!


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