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A final thought: Supportive labels and tour managers are a MUST for any artist. Sadly some people see them as the evil corporate "vampires" that "steal" the artists.”

Forum User Silkonanswer highlights the importance of a proper network for professional musicians. We could not agree more.



Chrysalide album release party at Maschinenfest: "It will be raw and intense"!

Anticipation has lasted long enough, but this Friday, Chrysalide are going to release their third album "Personal Revolution". And as to effectively celebrate this, the band will play their first live show on the same day at Maschinenfest Oberhausen, alongside cult acts such as Architect and Sonar (lineup is here). The group, which is known for its,,,,




Pride And Fall: “Turn The Lights On” single from 0 to 2 in the DAC!

As soon as it was released, PRIDE AND FALL’s single "Turn The Lights On" reached #2 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC)!

This comes as no surprise, given that the mixes by GINGER SNAP5 C(cntest winner), Ruined Conflict and Riccardo Strange feat. ERRA as well as, of course PRIDE AND FALL themselves make a lot of noise on the dancefloor and should make DJs click their tongues.

The Norwegians say "thank you" and give away the second placement from their remix contest for "Turn The Lights On" as a conmplimentary download: Americans Ruined Conflict-mix does not take any prisoners. So download for free and enjoy. The complete turn the lights on single, which is limited to 500 copies, can be ordered here too from our shop. Excellent artwork by norwegian graphic designer Lise Kvam. We keep our fingers crossed that the single will climb even higher!



IRIS: New album RADIANT comes in two different versions

Finally, the release date for the new IRIS album is fixed: RADIANT will hit store on October 24th in Europe and on October 28th in the US. Not only has the band written a wonderfully relaxed Electronic Pop album, but a true work of art with thick bass lines, Reagan Jones’ unique vocals and some ear-catching melodies. In correlation with the beautiful artwork, the Americans‘ new sign of life is colourful, easily accessible and deep nevertheless – precisely not shallow like most of their competitors but fascinating in the long run while conveying the mood of an old 4AD –masterpiece, only in an electronic, expressive way.

That the band is criminally underrated in Europe was proven on their most recent tour with Seabound, which brought them many new fans. Those who are still in doubt can download the track "Wayseer" from their coming album and should hurry up to order the "Complete Edition" or Radiant, which will be limited to 500 copies only! The regular edition is also available for preorder here. This is not to be missed!




CHRYSALIDE demand your "Personal Revolution"

Responses to our announcement of CHRYSALIDE‘s new album "Personal Revolution" (to be released on October 10th) have been great, but what is it actually about -  apart from the fact that we can expect one of the strongest Electro Industrial records this year? Chrysalide have sent us some telling lines:

"Welcome to the 21st century, the century of all crisis.
Political, moral, economical, ecological and individual.
It's not necessary to talk about death, blood, drugs, suicide, Satan or emotional poverty to be depressed, sad or dark. Everything around us is still rotten enough to give us all enough reasons to kill ourselves. But the story does not end that way.

Promo Bild statement
When society as a whole has so obviously failed, power and responsibility fall back to the individual. And I am afraid, this is YOU. This time it is your turn to make a difference, Your turn to be the change. Your turn to be inspired.  Your turn to tell us the plan. Your turn to be brave. We have made ours as a record, not to tell you how to do it but to testify, to share, to inspire you. This is our personal revolution to change our world, our friends and everyone around us. Now is the time to make the first domino fall. Give us your PERSONAL REVOLUTION…"

Statement Pic Observe
And since the band promises inspiration: Here it is in the shape of an advance download from our website: The new track "Question Everything" is ready for FREE download. In case you like the album, you can order it here (regular CD edition) or here (limited RISE Edition). Enjoy!



Click Click: Those Nervous Surgeons don’t fail to impress

Our favorite Brits, brothers Adrian And Derek Smith, aka CLICK CLICK had finally delivered a new album in June. It was the first new studio album in 17 years, to be precise. "Those Nervous Surgeons was an attempt to come full circle” as Derek Smith expressed it, to connect with their retro roots of their earliest material. Fortunately the press honored this approach and the albums sound, resulting in a few more-than-usual well-written reviews, which we partially summed up here:

„We get some ambient, we get some EBM, we get some acoustic instruments – but everything has a purpose and a place. It has a musical depth that I really lack in a lot of albums these days. Wonderfully done.” (Release Magazine)

“This sonic blend of this level of ambition and its consistency in quality has not been done for a long time.” (Beat Magazine)

“Those Nervous Surgeons is highly addictive, because it bears so much quality that just wants to be discovered. The temptation is to constantly press the play button of this wonderful record – again, because the duo crafted this material to be most cohesive. Artistic ambition and catchiness do not exclude themselves here.” (

“Album of the week.” (

 “Yet again, the Smith brothers dole out a hearty serving of misanthropic, darkly themed electronics and we, the audience are left with a series of unpleasant revelations to mull over. They could not have been presented or phrased more eloquently.” Santa Sangre Magazine, USA




IRIS have just finished their new album: RADIANT, a manifest of intense electronic craftmanship



“We actually thought, we would never again release another album in our lives” said IRIS-Keyboarder Andrew Sega, because the gifted US Electronic act parted ways after their last US-tour, due to a typical tour argument. There was more than a year of silence between Andrew Sega and Reagan Jones, which was ended by Jones submitting a handful of new songs. And the spark turned into a fire. It suddenly felt like the band was newborn, and therefor the feeling of the songs of their new Album “RADIANT” shines as bright as bright and as warm as the album title.

Radiant is a manifest of intense electronic craftsmanship that unites with the great vocal hooks of Reagan Jones delivers one of IRIS’ strongest albums to date, and will be released in October this year still. Preorders and exact release date will be available soon.   




Chrysalide talk about a Revolution: Personal Revolution out on October 10th 2014

Some of the best hidden secrets of the industrial scene are starting to go overground soon. And it was with a big grin that automatically showed in our faces when we first listened to the master of Chrysalides new album “Personal Revolution”. Not only did the album have BALLS, like its predecessor “Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life”, it also had a lot of high quality club contenders. So this sonic package that the threesome around the brothers Syco Trauma and Arco Trauma does not only radiate an enormous selfconsciousness and boldness, but also a unique and individual style. While the previous Chrysalide Albums where clearly inspired by the likes of Skinny Puppy, Chrysalide are now relying on their own style and inspiration. And even if “Personal Revolution” has more song-oriented tracks, there is still enough uncompromising aggressiveness here to deliver some serious punches to body and brain. This is the sound that fans of experimental Industrial and Electronic Body Music could probably find a middle ground on, that should please both. And for the dark electronic music scene, this record is a much-anticipated lift for both, face AND spirit, a little revolution actually.

And inspiring a revolution is exactly what this album is about: A revolution that centres not around a random group of people, but one’s individual self.  After all, the 21st century has already ultimately disappointed us: “The Century of all crisis: political, economical, ecological, moral and individual.To sum up: This world is totally fucked up!” (quote from the albums intro “Welcome To The 21st Century”.)
This soon-to-be-classic is released on October 10th 2014 in two versions: a standard 4 page Digipack and booklet, or the Rise Edition, a 48 page hardcover book, exclusively limited to 500 copies, with extensive Bonus CD. Preorders are available NOW: Personal Revolution Standard Edition / Personal Revolution Rise Edition

Personal Revolution Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




Covenant bring the light … to Mera Luna; announcing their brightest lightshow ever: Bring your sunglasses

This weekends performance of Covenant on the renowned M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim is supposed to be something special, as it is the bands only open air festival this summer. So Covenant thought about how they can make the show something special, and have decided to join with Stefan Aue, one of Germany’s most renownwed lighting designers, to deliver their brightest show ever. The swedes promise a battalion of the brightest light effects available in the market. Eskil Simonsson’s way of putting it: “This is probably going to be our brightest lightshow EVER. Bring Your Sunglasses.”



A great honour: Covenant receive Swedish music industry award!

Last summer, Synth icons Covenant release their eighth studio album „Leaving Babylon“, which directly entered the German charts and saw the band’s new line-up on an extensive European tour. Now they go back for seconds and get the icing on the cake, so to say: „Leaving Babylon“ has just been chosen „Album of the Year 2013“ by the Swedish independent music industry!

Visibly touched, new member Daniel Jonasson (Ex-Dupont) accepted the award in place of the entire group. The Video (in Swedish) from the presentation is definitely worth watching – this is a translation from parts of the speech:

„It is not only an honour but also a confirmation of the fact that passion, perseverance and thoroughgoingness eventually pay off. It is important to have a dream and be brave enough to actually take it serious. This is really a big thing. Of course, you also need the ambition and a certain amount of luck, but the key to success lies in follwing through with what you do. This is something that holds true for us all, notwithstanding the type of music we have decided on.


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