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"The music of the future today" (LA Weekly)

The sound of "Decade One", the first European release from Babyland, is not unlike being a pinball in a pinball machine. After a hard launch, you´re shooting through a seemingly chaotic assortment of metallic obstacles, leaving unsightly deformities in your wake. Before you can scream, you^(1)re heading up a ramp at unbelievable speed. Lights flash, sparks fly, and the whole machine creakes, crashes and groans.

Dan Gatto and Smith, both Californians, term their musical assault "Independent Electronic Junk Punk" - an anarchstic cocktail of hardcore, techno, drum'n'bass and noise, a chronically underproduced attack on the nerves that flips its middle finger to the "Future Pop" craze of the moment.

While adrenalin-fueled sample orgies like "Mask" and "Logan's Run" have become club hits in Germany, tracks like "Sophomore" or "The Door Northern" showcase Babyland^(1)s rarer, calmer moments. Enjoying the melodies within means painstakingly extracting them from the glorious noise of the whole.

These and ten more tracks make up their Dependent debut "Decade One", a best-of culled from Babyland^(1)s 4 studio albums. Dependent, known for high quality Future Pop acts, has with Babyland once again an innovative electronic band on its roster, a move knowingly in oppostion to the overarching trends of the current electro movement.

Babyland have long enjoyed a fanatical cult status in the United States, due as much to their music as their frenetic live show, known for their use of metal trash to percussive effect. This "misuse of instruments and machines" stands at the very core of their concept: the musical revolution the duo seek would simply elude them through the use of classical instruments.

"Babyland has a future as promising as their lyrics are bleak - this is what people mean when they use the term 'cutting edge'." (Under The Volcano)