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This is the UK calling! The first tracks from the new album "Delete" have recently reached our office. We'd begun to think we'd never see the day, but you can't blame Rob Holliday: the man has been on tour with a dozen other bands and in addition is a sought-after studio guitarist. The new tracks are 100% balls to the wall heavy and destined for release on our sublabel Cellar Door, currently home to guitar-oriented Girls Under Glass. We'll keep you posted...


It's been some time since we've had any news on our UK-based guitar terrorists. That's all about to change, however, now that Rob and the band have entered the studio to work on their second LP, which currently carries the working title "Delete". Mr. Holiday's touring commitments with Gary Numan and The Mission have been the main eason behind the delay. A release date is still uncertain, but will mostly likely be at least six months from now.


"...we would like to thank all the sisters of mercy band and crew for making the german tour such a great experience for us - we had the pleasure of playing in front of some fantastic audiences especially stuttgart, munich, amsterdam and düsseldorf - we got the chance to try out some new songs that we had never played before - and now we will head back into the studio to put the finishing touches on them - there were many injuries on stage but no deaths - we look forward to dresden june 14th with marilyn manson where we can fuck with your minds and make your ears bleed once again. sulpher"


Previously available only in England, Sulpher's 3 track single "You Ruined Everything" will come out as a limited edition of 500 in Europe as promotion for their tour with the Sisters of Mercy. Tracklisting:

  1. you ruined everything
  2. disintegrate
  3. alone (content) alone (discontent

A video for the title track will be shown for the first time on television on 6 April as part of the "Schattenreich" programme on ONYX!


As announced in our last newsletter, Sulpher will be tearing up the stage as support for Marilyn Manson in Dresden on 14 June 2003. Apparently their live reputation gets around, as fellow Brits the Sisters of Mercy recently selected them as support act for their 2003 European tour! Congrats! A pretty big honor, as everyone knows Mr. Eldritch's legendary choosiness when it comes to opening acts...check out the tourdatse here!


For those whose appetites weren't sated by Sulpher's last round of breathtaking British gigs, here's another chance to experience their dynamic and energetic show...opening for Marilyn Manson in Dresden on 14 June 2003! The band is sure to impress both headliner "Mr. Bowling For Columbine" and crowd alike with their unique brand of hard, honest industrial - played 100% LIVE!


Straight from Sulpher-HQ, here's the tracklisting for Gary Numan's upcoming remix album:

Hybrid - Sulpher Remix
Dark - (Additional Guitars Rob Holliday/Sulpher)
Bleed - Sulpher Remix (Additional Guitars Rob Holliday/Sulpher)
Torn - Sulpher Remix
Dominion Day - Sulpher Remix
Down in the Park - Monti (Sulpher) Mix

Other remixers include Andy Gray, Curve, Flood, Alan Moulder, etc.


After a brilliant start last year, Sulpher are starting off strong in 2003. Gary Numan asked the band to work with him on his upcoming remix album "Hybrid", due out in February. After his work with Fear Factory on their cover of "Cars", Numan, whose last comeback album landed him once again in the British charts, has apparently acquired a taste for heavy guitar riffage. Sulpher provided 4 mixes for the album, including one featuring guest vocals from frontman Rob Holliday, and a mix from drummer Monti offers his own twisted take on the classic "Down In The Park". Sulpher and Numan will be performing together at a sold-out show in London in early February. We'll keep you posted.


On December 20th, the earth under Duisburg will shake. Sonic Seducer will be presenting the second annual Birthquake Festival, and this year Sulpher will be there to show all fans of hard industrial metal how it's really done. Fresh on the heels of their tour with The 69 Eyes, the band is sure to surprise and impress with their exceptional live show.


Ah, the Sulpher tour...what a success! Rob, Monti and the boys brought their glorious noise to 8 German and 2 European cities as support for The 69 Eyes. Playing before almost exclusively sellout crowds, the band left the unsuspecting 69 Eyes fans speechless, but songs like "You Ruined Everything", "Scarred" and "Misery" went over well with the young crowd. By the time Sulpher played their current single "One Of Us", they'd already won over new fans - although of course there were plenty who had come out just for Sulpher in the first place...

The only sad tale to tell was the cancellation of the Munich date. The band's tourbus broke down (piston seizure) on the way to Munich, leaving them with no way to get to the gig in time. Our apologies to all the Sulpher fans who travelled all the way to Munich for naught!

That aside, the tour could only be considered a success, 9 x 45 minute of pure energy. And they'll be back...!


Sulpher moved up to #5 in their 3rd week in the DAC. We couldn't be happier with such excellent DJ response to the single and hope the single holds in the charts until the release of the debut album Spray.


Sulpher were the only act in the 37th week of the DACs to break into the top 10. The single "One Of Us" climbed from #12 to #7, ahead of bands like Korn and Linkin Park. Congrats to the band, and we'll keep you posted with any new developments.


The track "Misery" from Sulpher's debut album "Spray" found its way onto the free CD included with the Sonic Seducer anniversary issue. The same issue, which also named the band "New Industrial Rock Highlight", described their music as "forbidding, oppressive, attack full of fury, hate and despair that rips the soul from the body".


The Sulpher single "One Of Us" had the highest debut of Week 35's DAC chart, coming in at number 12. If you can't wait until the next club night to hear it, you can find "One Of Us" in your favorite record shop as of today.


In the On Stage section you can find the concert dates for The 69 Eyes' upcoming tour of Germany, with our very own Sulpher as the support act. Have fun!


After their live premiere at the M'era Luna festival, Sulpher was swamped in a sea of offers for a support slot. It's now confirmed that the band will be out supporting well-known Finnish act The 69 Eyes. We'll keep you posted.


In the July issue of Get Rhythm, Gary Numan ("Cars", "Are Friends Electric") was asked about his favorite albums and Sulpher's "Spray" was one of them. "This is probably one of the best debut albums i've ever heard", said Numan. They are, in my opinion, the best band in Britain at the moment."


Sulpher is Dependent's first foray into the realm of Industrial Metal. And not just for its own sake, but because this is seriously good stuff. Praised in their native England as "Best Industrial Metal Band", the group around singer and frontman Rob Holliday will bring the noise to Germany this month. Without a single release in German stores, the band managed to score an excellent afternoon position on the M'era Luna main stage based on their impressive live show. August 26th marks the release of the "One Of Us" single, strictly limited to 2000 digipacks worldwide, followed by the album "Spray" on October 7th.