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The 'Enochian Apocalypse, Electronic EBM Industrial Music Web-Magazine' has just completed their quarterly album contest - and this quarter's winner is "Only Human Remains" from Fractured! Just further proof of the high-quality electro our latest signing is known for.


Fractured have entered the DAC Album Charts at #4 with their debut album "Only Human Remains". Congratulations!


We're proud to present one of the best-kept secrets in the electro scene: just months ago hailed on various Internet forums as "the scene's best unsigned band", Nick Gorman and the Canadian formation Fractured are set to release their debut album on Dependent, an album which has already garnered praise from the press like Newcomer of the Month in Orkus and Zillo AND Album of the Month in Zillo. For those who still aren't convinced, we're presenting the title track from "Only Human Remains" as a free download. A cool synthesis of power, accessibility and technical complexity, listen to this one loud! For those who fear the band might be just another one-hit wonder, several other tracks can be streamed from the band's MySpace page at (recommendation: "Bleed"). Enjoy!


Dependent's sole newcomer release in 2005 showcases an unusually hard sound for the label: "Only Human Remains", the debut album from Canada's Fractured, is simultaneously aggressive, club-friendly and complex. For those who require comparisons, perhaps Endzeit-Electro meets Mentallo & The Fixer will give you a rough idea. Fractured has long been praised as one of the best unsigned bands around in a diverse array of Internet forums. Dependent label boss Stefan Herwig: "We really didn't want to sign any newcomer bands in 2005, and certainly not any Endzeitelectro bands. But when we heard Fractured we just couldn't say 'no'. The combination of hard electronics and complexity is extremely impressive."